Bray Wyatt

I’ve got to admit when I first saw Windham Rotunda debut as Husky Harris on the old NXT format, I didn’t hold out much hope for him. I thought he was only getting an opportunity in the WWE due to his lineage. Nothing about the way he looked like a wrestler who marketed as the next big superstar in the company. He was fat, covered in some of the ugliest tattoos you will ever see and didn’t seem to have going for him in terms of charisma. I was very, very wrong.

After being released from what turned out to be the shackles of Nexus, a return to FCW turned out to be just what he needed as he was able to experiment with a couple of different gimmicks to see which one fit, and along came Bray Wyatt. In what appears to be a rehash of the Waylon Mercy gimmick from the mid 90’s he has finally found an outlet to showcase what he is truly capable of. 

Apart from the addition of a boater hat he is very similar in appearance to the Waylon Mercy incarnation of the character. He has a calm, but sinister personality outside the ring that changes into a slightly more deranged once the bell rings, dancing with opponents, kissing them on the forehead and rolling around on the canvas with a disturbed look on his face.

Wyatt has the potential to be the best talker and storyteller in the business, in and outside the ring. It only took one of his ninety-second vignettes to have me hooked on the character, desperate to see me more.

Like all second or third generation stars this is exactly what Windham needed to help fans differentiate him from his father, or by giving him a gimmick so different from his fathers and even something as simple as different name will help him create his own legacy.

None the less, growing up in a wrestling family that includes the likes of Blackjack Mulligan, I.R.S, Barry and Kendall Windham, and his brother Bo Dallas holds him in good stead as you grow up around the likes of them and not be at least knowledgeable about wrestling.

In the ring, he is still the the Army Tank with a Ferrari engine, and although he is unique in the ring for being incredibly quick for a man in his size it did seem to be the very thing that was holding him back when he was a part of Nexus as Vince McMahon was not a fan of his shape due to his weight.

However, since his debut on NXT he is being billed 30 pounds lighter than the 315 lbs mark that he was at during his Husky Harris days. Which is all well and good if he wants a big push on TV, but for me that takes away some of his marketability as a spectacle that fans would want to pay to see.

Unfortunately, in June this year he torn his pectoral muscle and is reported to be out of action for six months. Hopefully this doesn’t we won’t see him until then as he is such a great talker that there could easily be role for him on TV. Maybe using his character as some kind of spiritual leader to help motivate a wrestler going through a bad spell of form and turn him into a world beater would only help get his character over as some kind genius/leader upon his return to the squared circle.

Bray Wyatt is definitely one of the most intriguing characters to have come around in a long time. So lets just hope that he gets back in the ring as quickly as possible, luckily for him though, time is on his side.

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