Antonio Cesaro

When I heard that Claudio Castagnoli was signed to WWE’s developmental territory, closely followed by his tag team parter Chris Hero(Kassius Ohno), I really hoped that this was going to be the start of Triple H’s revolution of the tag-team division. That was of course to much to hope for and they were split up and given new gimmicks.

I don’t understand why they didn’t do this as WWE could have killed two birds with one stone. Firstly, the ‘Kings of Wrestling’ along with other promising tag-teams e.g. The ascension, Prime Time Players, The Uso’s, etc could have really revitalised the dormant division.

Secondly, it would have given Castagnoli and Hero the chance to get used to performing in front of larger crowds and the WWE style at the same time. It worked a dream for The Hardys, Edge and Christian, and JBL, so there’s no reason to believe it wouldn’t have worked out the same way in this instance.

I realise that Castagnoli isn’t as green as most of the developmental talent that pushed up to the main roster and can work on their own, but would have been great to see them start off in the tag team division and showcase what they had been working on for five years together as a team on the big stage.

Instead, he has been repackaged as Antonio Cesaro, which is an incredibly Italian sounding name for a gimmick that is supposed to be playing up to his Swiss roots. The idea is that he is a former rugby player who was kicked out of the national league for excessive violence, which is slightly reminiscent of The Goon, although much, much better.

He can also speak five languages, and as much as I like to see the actual personalities of the wrestlers brought to the screen I hope that they do more than just have repeat one word in every language five times as it is very rigid and is going to become stale very quickly. From what I’ve heard it very much the case of ‘now or never’ for Castagnoli, at 31 years old WWE may not see much chance an improvement in his abilities, so I’d like to hope that they will give him the chance to show what he can do verbally by giving him more dialogue.

I’m sure though that Vince McMahon has already realised what a valuable commodity having a man who is multi-linguistic could be. Just imagine how useful be could be on media days during European tours, and I’m sure the local media would love him and continue booking him. The superstars that are the most media friendly are the ones that tend to get the most success in the WWE.

The Swiss Superman” has also been given a manager/girlfriend in the form of Aksana, who fails to add to the heat on Cesaro by fawning over him because she has no heat on herself either. Furthermore, if she is supposed the mouthpiece for Cesaro because WWE may feel his mic skills maybe poor, then why didn’t they put him with like Vickie Guerrero who actually has some charisma that could garner some heat.

Regardless of all this, in the ring he is a vicious competitor, backed up by his unique set of signature moves that I haven’t seen before in the WWE make him a must watch when he appears on my television screen.

In my opinion the future looks bright for Castagnoli, or as he would say; in French, lumineux, in German hell and in Italian, luminoso!


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