Big E Langston

20130129032731550Despite being 5 inches smaller and around 120lbs lighter than Mark Henry, Big E Langston not has many parallels with Henry’s career already but in some cases, exceeded him. At just 24 years he broke the The American and National Championship records for the deadlift at 410kg, taking the record from Mark Henry himself who had held it since 1995. Then went on and set new records in the squat, bench press and powerlifting total.

Just like ‘The Worlds Strongest Man’ Langston looks like he’s bringing his weightlifting background into the wrestling business. Given the amount of similarities between the too and the knowledge the Henry has it would make sense for WWE to let him mentor ‘Big E’ as well

There’s a worry whenever WWE hires ex-bodybuilders and powerlifters that all they are going to be are big and strong with absolutely no natural wrestling ability or knowledge of what it takes to be an entertainer as well. They expect to turn up for a match, squash their opponent and receive a big push. ‘Big E’ though looks like he’s aware that he needs to make a connection with the crowd in order to make it in the big ‘E’. Whenever he hits his finishing move ‘Big Ending’ he listens to the audiences chants of ‘one more time’ and gives his helpless opponent the move again. I doesn’t sound a lot, but makes a difference from the likes of Snitsky, Kozlov, etc who would stare angrily at the camera with no evidence of any charisma at all.

That’s not to say that he isn’t a powerhouse in the ring, because he is. As you would expect he sticks to a moveset that showcases his unprecedented strength like backbreakers, powerslams, belly-to-belly suplexes, etc. It seems to be working as well for him despite still being a rookie as he has already been ranked as the 371st best singles wrestler by PWI in 2010.

Langston isn’t averse to showing his dominance over his opponents of course just like anyone else, and to do this he insists on making the referee count to five on pinfalls, and the request of the fans he will do his finisher again and the five count all over again. It’s great to see a powerhouse like Langston try to develop a unique gimmick like this rather than rest on the fact he is a muscle bound freak of a man.

Although we’ve rarely head him speak it does look like he has some potential to be good on the mic, even if he looked like he was desperately trying to remember his lines the one and only time I’ve managed to hear him speak.

A minor thing I’ve noticed is that before he likes to do his signature moves he sometimes bangs his fists against his chest to fire up the crowd. If he does make it up to one the main rosters he’ll probably have to stop as that’s as already a mannerism of Sheamus, who I imagine won’t be happy if one of his gimmicks is infringed upon.

Langston is the type of wrestler that Vince McMahon and Triple H go to bed dreaming about so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you see him on Raw or Smackdown sooner rather than later.


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