Raw Breakdown 5/11/12

Guy Fawkes Night Eve’s episode of Raw came from Birmingham, England in front a great crowd who into the entire show making even some of the normally dull parts of the show entertaining. Just makes me hope that they increase the amount of live television shows they do in my home country. Also, nice to hear that the commentators had been finally made aware that we don’t over-emphasise the ‘ham’ part of Birmingham like they do in Alabama. Next Milan, not ‘Mee-lon’.

Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara & R-Truth v Team Rhodes Scholars & Antonio Cesaro

I know he’s still learning the WWE way of wrestling but its still amazes me that a man of Sin Cara’s talent and experience still needs to be seemingly stewarded around the ring when it comes to doing some pre-planned spots. I did enjoy see them mocking PTP’s ‘move’ dance, its shows that they are really starting to gel as a team in and out the ring.

Vickie gives more evidence

Once again Vickie Guerrero claimed to have yet more proof that John Cena and AJ Lee were having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ whilst she was General Manager. I don’t know exactly where their trying to go with this storyline. AJ has just been put on probation so she really has nothing to lose if its proved she did have an affair with Cena, and only JR seems to have been more fired than him so if his jobs on the line again no fan is going to take the threat seriously again if his jobs on the line.

The only thing this angle currently successful in doing is creating some kind of image of Cena being a stud, certainly judging by the crowd. Or maybe it’s just that it’s been so long that we’ve anything that could be interpreted adult on WWE TV in recent years that even the slight hint of sex happening can get an audience excited.

Also, with Cena thrown back into the title picture again it’ll be interesting to see how much attention this storyline will get as it is mainly about events in the past that no bearing on whats occurring now.

Daniel Bryan v Cody Rhodes & Kane v Damien Sandow

First of all it’s got to be said that a great crowd like we had on Monday make any match doubly entertaining, it only a shame that the Daniel Bryan match that they were so into was such a short match.

With both teams scoring a win in each of their respective matches means that really we’ve learned nothing from this as neither team have built any momentum going into Survivor Series so far. Maybe it would be better if some sort of jeopardy was created for one the sides.

Brad Maddox Explanation

I worry about Brad Maddox. Given that WWE script writers went back and forth about how to finish the main even at HIAC there’s no way that this was their original plan for him. Which leads me to suspect their not going to have much for him in the long run as their already seemingly making it up as they go along. And assuming he was not expecting this push and possibly not ready himself for the amount of TV time he’s having, if he doesn’t make a good impression now it could ruin his opportunities in the future.

Although he did seem a little nervous at first when speaking at first, as he constantly scratching his forehead suggesting he wanted to shy away as he wasn’t comfortable with the attention, he did get better and more confident the promo went on so there’s definite potential there.

CM Punk v Ryback v John Cena announcement

What a complete shambles the creative team are turning out to be at the moment. After spending most of last weeks episode hyping the announcement of the teams for Team Punk v Team Foley they throw a spanner(wrench) into the works and confuse everyone. Apparently they weren’t happy with the reaction this match got.

Another problem as they have to find a way of having CM Punk keep the title and not only keep Ryback looking unbeatable but also ‘Super Cena’ as well. Furthermore, Cena hasn’t wrestled in about a month and a half so God knows why he deserves a title shot. Then again Rock’s going to walk back in in a few months and take it anyway.

Now it’s Team Ziggler v Team Foley, two captains who have no reason to go against each other so their going to have scramble a reason together before next week. The Miz has also quit Team Ziggler so its going to be difficult for those two to further their feud from hear to Survivor Series.

Sheamus v The Miz & Alberto Del Rio v Kofi Kingston

Two matches here that involve feuds that I really wish just end as they seem to have run their course. What more can be done with Sheamus and Big Show? They both kicked out of each others finishers, Big Show has defended his title for longer than 45 seconds. A new angle is needed to breathe new life into it.

The same can be said for Del Rio and Orton. As soon as the latter’s music hit in Del Rio’s match you just knew what was coming next. It’s great to see Kofi’s get another chance at making it big in the company, however I think he benefit more if he had his own match Survivor Series rather than being lost amongst nine other wrestlers in the traditional elimination match.

Wade Barrett v Brodus Clay

Great to see Barrett get a heroes welcome in his home country for once after years of being booed by his fellow compatriots. Despite being back since September, he has yet to be given any kind of programme, only playing a peripheral role in the Randy Orton-Alberto Del Rio rivalry.

As for the Funkasaurus, another loss suggests that WWE are beginning to cool on his character, and no that their starting to bring out kids to dance with him, much like with Heidenreich. It’s about time they gave him that push as a monster heel.

Heath Slater v Jey Uso

I’m delighted to see that their finally giving Slater, McIntyre and Mahal a chance to give something to sink their teeth into with a regular spot on TV and along with the Uso’s there are a lot of future stars in the company in this match that they need to spend more time on.

That being said it really doesn’t really make any sense that a man like Jinder Mahal who was so stern, traditional and religious would suddenly give that all up to join a ‘rock group’ however it’s fun gimmick, for us and for them by the looks of it, so I’m not complaining for once. He also looks completely uncomfortable and out of place, especially with the turban, just isn’t what you expect near bandanas but its unique so it might work.

Ryback & John Cena v CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler

The match concluded with Ryback getting another pinfall victory over CM Punk. The fact that they are giving him pinfall victories over him is just to show that he can beat him before he inevitably gets screwed at Survivor Series. The problem here is that if they are to keep the title with CM Punk until Royal Rumble as rumoured then they need a finish to the match that makes everyone competitor come out with their credibility unharmed. It should be easier than HIAC as there are less restrictions without the Hell in the Cell match and its rules.

Apparently the finish they did on the show of having Ryback and Cena stare each other down has been continued at house shows as well. I just hope that doesn’t mean their going to take the focus off of CM Punk and the WWE title as it would be a horrible case of art imitating life.

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