The Ascension

While The Ascension is a tag-team that excites me, it is hard to determine what exactly the gimmick is all about. It must be hard for Cameron and O’Brian to believe creative have faith in the gimmick seeing as it has already had several variations involving Ricardo Rodriguez, Primo and Raquel. But luckily it looks like they have found a formula that is going to work.

Back to direction of the group, several vignettes have been aired, all of them more vague than the last. Presumably, when WWE divulges more information about them

I’m not saying for a second that I don’t like the mystique and intrigue that their creating around Ascension, it’s just that’s normally left to debut promos and left behind once they reach television and more colour is added to the characters.

One of the problems I have with the gimmick is the decision for them to keep the aliases they were using before they started the group. The trouble I have is that the just sound to ordinary, there’s is nothing scary or intimidating about a man called Kenneth, and Conor O’Brian could do with changing his name so he can distance himself from his ‘rat-like’ angle that fans remember him more on the original NXT.

While they have similarities to The Ministry when it comes to there apparent interest in the darkness, their pretty ordinary everyday sounding names really take away from from any sense of mystique from their characters. I’m not suggesting that they have gimmicky names like Viscera or Mideon, but they could have something that would strike a little more fear into their opponents eyes.

I’m definitely a fan of their entrance though. The creepy, atmospheric music coupled with flashes of their entrance video is a throwback to the days of D-Generation X, and certainly makes what is just a slow walk to ring seem energetic, intimidating and kind of epic. It’s certainly one of the most exciting and unique entrances we’ve seen since The Undertaker and gives the WWE plenty of room to experiment with different video and lighting effects just like they did with the Phenom.

Something that would assume from the name of the team is that they would adopt a high-flying moveset inside the ring, instead they have a much more physical style to them where they like to keep their opponents in their quarter of the ring. However, their finishing move as a tag-team, a leg sweep and spinning heel kick, is a little anti-climatic. Whether or not their not timing the move right or just not getting enough power in the move called the ‘Fall of Man’ leaves it just looking very weak and disappointing.

As good as it is to see tag-teams regularly facing each other, it would be great if NXT would feature more established teams to face The Ascension other than the Uso’s for a change. Although it’s good for them to form some sort of chemistry before they’re both called up to the main roster but it would be good for them to test themselves against varying styles of opponents rather than just the USO’s high-flying style.

I’d love to see this tag-team on one of the main rosters very soon as their very unique and offer something completely different to the growing tag-team division.


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