Raw Breakdown 12/11/12

Randy Orton def. Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio & Dolph Ziggler def. Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston

Raw must have been handed the standard Smackdown script for the last several years for the start of this show as Teddy Long made an appearance after a singles matches ended in interference and just so happened to have itself nicely positioned for a tag team match.

Unsurprisingly, both teams got one win from each of these matches making it as even and unpredictable WWE likes to to try to make these matches to be.

Vickie has yet more evidence

With the announcement that Cena was going to be in the title match at Survivor Series I was worried that this storyline would fizzle out with no pay-off, but luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t know why this story interests me so much as the only thing that could possibly come out of this would be nothing more than a personal victory for Vickie over AJ. AJ already has her job back as a wrestler, so there really wouldn’t any consequences if she just admitted she did have an affair with Cena if she had.

Big Show def. William Regal

A few weeks ago I was wondering whether there was any thing that could help rekindle my interest in this storyline, well adding William Regal to the mix is the way to go. Playing up to the real life friendship between Sheamus and Regal has certainly added a far more personal feel to the programme.

I know he is semi-retired but I would definitely like to see Regal have one more good run with the company as he has been one of the most underrated and underused stars over the last 10 years. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s being only used as enhancement talent as he barely got any offence in this match.

Jerry Lawler’s Return

It was a classy move by WWE to allow to give Jerry Lawler another chance to thank everyone for their well-wishes. However, this is WWE TV I think we all knew at some point deep down that someone was going to turn up and spoil it by interrupting. And this case it was CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

For those who are moaning that it was insensitive and cheap for them to have Heyman fake a heart attack in front of Lawler, you’re right it was, but there’s no way they would have done that without getting permission from Lawler beforehand. I was more offended by the cameraman who continued to film Lawler while he was given CPR and loaded onto the ambulance as he was fighting for his life.

Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio def. The Prime Time Players, Primo & Epico

This match was great fun to watch and as a bonus was the perfect way to advertise the tag-team division. Four teams competing, having equal opportunity inside the ring with fast paced action will never become dull to watch.

It was also nice to see that they haven’t broken up the team of Kidd and Gabriel, as it looked at one point that they were going to give Gabriel a run with the US Title, but I don’t think he’s ready for that step up yet.

Ryback def. Brad Maddox

Well done for once to WWE for actually surprising me for once. I would put everything I had on Maddox having some sort of agreement with Punk and Heyman to help him win the match in some way or another, but no, it was just a normal typical squash match for Ryback.

Of course, this won’t be the last time we see Maddox. I’m excited to see what they do with this character, there’s something interesting about him as this outsider desperately trying to get in that intrigues me. At this moment in time there’s certainly a lot of similarities between him and ‘Dangerous’ Danny Davis.

For Ryback there isn’t really a lot to be gained from beating up a referee, it doesnt make him look tough. If he beat him up outside of a sanctioned match then that would at least make him look like a loose cannon.

Sheamus def. David Otunga

After several weeks of decent matches Sheamus was given the standard squash match against David Otunga. You got to give Otunga some credit, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen him be the whipping boy to one the company’s top good guys. He must love what he’s doing to put up with the amount of times he’s being buried of TV. Presumably, he must be paying his dues before he eventually gets a push. Whether or not fans will believe it or not after how pathetic they make him look is another question for another time.

Kane & The Miz def. Team Rhodes Scholars

For the sporadic ‘Raw Active’ feature of Raw, the fans chose The Miz to be Kane’s partner and the final member of Team Ziggler. As WWE seem to be in the process of turning The Miz onto a babyface I’m sceptical, as I always am, as to how genuine this ‘poll’ was. They benefit entirely by having him on the team and would speed up the whole transition of his character which leaves me dubious. It would also be odd to have the man who is on the poster not be on the show at all.

As for the match itself, it’s a testament to just how entertaining Daniel Bryan is that even with all that great talent in the ring, he is still the most entertaining part of the segment. He has proven that he can be not only be one of the best wrestlers in the company but also one of the most reliable personalities as well in recent months.

John Cena def. CM Punk

Another good match between the two ruined by inevitable interference from Ryback. Once again the show ended with a stare down between Cena and Ryback which adds to my worry that WWE official still believe that they are the two biggest draws in the company. This all adds ammunition to Punk’s cause that he is not being the given the respect that he deserves, but at least Punk was in shot this time which acts as some kind of reminder that he is still in this match.

The fact that Punk is being deliberately pushed into the background of people’s minds only makes me more confident that he will retain the title on Sunday in some way or another.



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