Raw Breakdown 26/11/12

Ryback def. Titus O’Neil

The show opened again, just like last week with Ryback having a quick victory over an opponent bigger than him. He then proceeded to hold the show hostage again until he got what he wanted. As he’s got his title match with Punk at TLC, hopefully this will be the last time we see this same opening segment.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Titus O’Neil in the future he really starting to develop as a wrestler and entertainer as he showed last week on commentary.

What was also good to see was Ryback do a promo that wasn’t just full of eating references throughout.

Alberto Del Rio def. The Great Khali

Why oh why is Khali been brought back? The guy can’t wrestle, he not entertaining in any way and it’s impossible to understand what he’s saying even when he’s speaking English.

He was as awkward as ever around the ring until Del Rio, who gains nothing from this match as everyone has beaten Khali now, applied the armbar.

The Shield Interview

My only hope for this segment was that Dean Ambrose would be allowed to continue the gimmick that he has been using at FCW. Listening to him talk is probably the best way to find out, and even though it doesn’t really make sense for him to carry on that psychotic, loner gimmick whilst being part of a stable, there was some glimpses of this persona.

Regardless of gimmicks he still displayed that he is brilliant talker, certainly the best in the group. Seth Rollins is getting there but still needs work, I’m not sure whether he’s had much experience in being a heel but he seems to be more natural as a good guy. Reigns is almost like Batista when he first started in the company, all muscle and no charisma, and though some say he could be the next big thing like his realtive The Rock he is still very green.

Vickie Guerrero, AJ, Cena & Ziggler segment

Our patient is starting to pay off with this storyline as it sees that it’s actually turned into more of feud between Cena and Ziggler. If what we’ve heard is true it looks like this programme is going to be used to help Cena make Ziggler a big star in the company, with a view to Ziggler cashing in his briefcase and becoming World Heavyweight after it’s all done and dusted.

As for the Cena and AJ romance, it’ hard for any of us to take it seriously really, AJ’s had so many on-screen romances in the last year or so many of which have just fizzled out with no real pay-off.

Kofi Kingston def. Tensai

Kingston’s push continued this week with another win,this time over Tensai, with a weak cross body which would do nothing more than wind an opponent. I think WWE sould just hurry up and admit that they have failed with Tensai, or they’ve failed him, just repackage him as Albert or A-Train already.

As for Kingston, I don’t know why but it’s just hard for me to believe he is capable of steeping up to the next level. Maybe a run as a heel would help, just something to give his character a bit of an edge or a mean streak.

Rey Mysterio def. Daniel Bryan

At the times of writing it looks like WWE are going with the idea that this vote was rigged in favour of Kane. I certainly hope so as it seems unlikely Kane won especially after they announced themselves that #WWEBryan was trending worldwide at one point.

John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler

Interesting that they went straight into a head-to-head singles match rather than continue the build-up until it take comes to a head at a major Ppv like TLC or even the Royal Rumble.

Normally I would have thought this would all lead up to a mixed tag-team match at TLC, but with Vickie as Managing Supervisor its unlikely to happen. Also a match between Cena and Ziggler is likely to be Ladder of Tables match.

Sheamus def. Antonio Cesaro

It was great to see Cesaro given a competitive match with Sheamus and shows that WWE are really increasing their faith in him as a performer. They would have normally had Sheamus go right through an opponent like this put having back and forth action like this does everyone a favour. The Celtic Warrior impressive matches with new rising stars in the company is proving invaluable, just as he did with Sandow not so long ago.

This was probably Cesaro’s best match in WWE so far. He showed some incredible strength to pick end the dead weight of Sheamus on to his shoulders and slam him to the canvas and the Neutraliser as well.

It would be great to see a match involving Sheamus or Big Show that doesn’t involve either of them interfering in some way in each others matches. It ruins perfectly good matches and seems to be happening every week with these two.

At the end of the match Big Show destroyed a chair with his own hands, seemingly to show Sheamus how he should be more worried of him than the chair. By making the chair look weak it really nullifies the stipulation of their chairs match at TLC look pointless. If it that weak then why would Big Show need one and why would Sheamus bother with one if it’s that ineffective.

Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder

Before the match starts Damien Sandow takes to the mic, which is something we need way more of. His audience put downs will never get old and jut the way he talks is so different to everyone else on the roster is a joy to watch.

The match had some decent back and forth action before Sandow got the inevitable victory. It just makes me feel so sorry for Ryder he has done everything the WWE has asked of him and more and still they give him nothing in return, I think he’s the only wrestler that Cole continues to bury despite his face turn.

CM Punk def. Kane

I was surprised and disappointed that CM Punk didn’t to elbow drop in tribute to Randy Savage that he usually does especially since he has just surpassed his record of 371 days as champion.

The Shield once again came to the ring after the match and beat down Punk’s opponent. If they are going along with the idea that they are looking to ‘right injustices’ then they should probably have the group help a face who has been wronged, just to keep viewers guessing.


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