Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the latest Samoan wrestler to come from the legendary Anoa’i family making him related to the likes of Sika, his father, Yokozuna, Rikishi, Umaga, and many, many others. Growing up around such experienced and illustrious names in professional wrestling would certainly make you believe that he has picked more knowledge than most rookies in developmental already.

Another wrestler who is his cousin and also someone he has been likened to is The Rock. Although being slightly shorter at 6ft 3ins and 265lbs they definitely are very similar in stature at least. His moveset also bears a resemblance to ‘The Great Ones’ as he chooses to use DDT’s, jumping clothelines, and his finisher the ‘Moment of Silence’ where he lifts his opponent from a back body drop position ends with him twisting him around and slamming him in way very similar to the ‘Rock Bottom’.

The way he’s being presented on TV right now is definitely as the muscle of the group, much like Batista in evolution, he’s very raw but has heaps of potential. As we saw in the interview last week his weak point is likely to be his mic work, but if they steadily give him just a bit more to say every time he has the mic I’m sure he will get there in the end. Just like the Animal.

Obviously, he has just made a huge impact on the main roster as part of The Shield. You have to worry that this might be all too much for someone who has only been in the business for two years. He’s still pretty green, especially when it comes to talking on the mic. But if he’s anything like the rest of his family he should be able to pick it up pretty quickly, and that he will have to do.

What does worry me about how quickly he has been called up to TV is that he has yet to find himself a gimmick that he can sink his teeth into, something that will give him an edge. When Cody Rhodes got to hide behind a mask he settled a lot quicker and develop a lot quicker as a performer and entertainer. The same opportunities did not happen for Ted DiBiase and look what’s happened to him. I hope same doesn’t happen to Roman.

We know how much WWE likes to try and push second and third generation stars so I would expect to see Reigns get a major singles push once his run with The Shield is over, hopefully that won’t be for a while though.


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