Raw Breakdown 10/12/12

R-Truth def. Wade Barrett

This was disappointingly short match. Shouldn’t come as much of surprise seeing as this was the go-home Raw before TLC, so this turned out nothing more than advert or tease of what might happen on Sunday. It certainly didn’t do Barrett any favours after the great performances he’s given in recent weeks and to do this during this apparent push they’re giving him was odd.

Team Rhodes Scholars def. Prime Time Players, Epico & Primo, & The Uso’s

The tag team division is quickly becoming very dependable at producing an exciting and entertaining match on Raw every week, and this was no different. I’m also definitely a fan of having multi-team elimination style matches like this regularly as it breaks up the norm of just singles and standard tag team matches.

It was strange that WWE had Michael Cole acknowledge that The Uso’s were winning the RawActive poll on who should get a title shot, especially as they are one of the most underused and underrated tag teams in the company. Despite knowing this they still won’t give them the win this week, but maybe they’ll bear the poll results in mind in future, hopefully.

CM Punk Promo

It wouldn’t make much sense to not have a chance for the Champion to speak about his injury and the rumours that it was all faked and just just part of the storyline. The scars on his left knee certainly put any ridiculous ideas that it was.

Since he can’t face Ryback for the title any time soon they were they pretty smart with this promo by igniting the fire for the rivalry between Punk and The Rock that should lead into the Royal Rumble, just makes sense for business.

Sheamus def. Dolph Ziggler

This was another great wrestling match, you expect nothing less from two of the most consistent performers in the WWE today. Some very solid back and forth action that would the satisfy any wrestling purists. If it is true that they are preparing Ziggler for a run as World Heavyweight Champion by having him work with Cena, then having him work with Sheamus is the right way to go as well.

Alberto Del Rio def. Zack Ryder

What a great week this can be considered for Zack Ryder. Not only was he given a TV entrance, but he also got a chance put some offence in against a main-eventer, he still lost with one quick move but at least he didn’t get squashed for the umpteenth time. I know he’s not the best worker in the ring but he has so much personality and charisma that there must be something more that he could offer the show.

As much I love heels even I struggle to motivate myself to watch an Alberto Del Rio match, they’re always seem to be exactly the same, especially the finish. Seeing as creative don’t seem to have much more for him maybe its time they pushed him as a face. Rey Mysterio is never going to be able to wrestle full time again and Sin Cara can’t seem to get the fans on his side unless Rey is there with him.

Vickie Guerrero def. AJ Lee

I thought after last weeks beating that Maddox would be off TV selling his again but not this time as he was the referee. I suppose the fact that he was there doesn’t make him look as weak if he can be back in action that quickly and having him as referee is a great way of generating heat on him before fans start to feel sorry for him.

First of all I’m glad they didn’t have Vickie score a clean pinfall over AJ, that would have made her look even weaker than before. It looks like they’re reverting her back to her ‘Crazy Chick’ chick gimmick, so much so that their changing the whole dynamic of her relationship with John Cena. Now that everyone knows he’s dating Nikki Bella people aren’t going to believe their on-screen relationship so she’s basically become one his crazed fans, much like when Mickie James debuted with Trish Stratus.

Antonio Cesaro def. Kofi Kingston

For me this was the best match of the night, I’m quickly more and more of a fan Cesaro each and every week. At some point during every one of his matches he seems to pull off a new and innovative move that I’ve never seen before. This time it was his backbreaker after catching Kofi as he was jumping off the top rope and then spin him into the right place to execute the move just shows that he has far more strength than you would expect for a man of his size.

MizTV with Team Rhodes Scholars

It’s strange that when their trying to push The Miz as a face that they don’t have anything for him in the ring. Instead they have him playing the part of a reporter by having him interview, or just insult rather, heels. Although he is very good at verbal beatdowns, I’m sure fans would react more favourable to seeing the bad guys get physically beaten as that is what they paid to see after all.

Biggest surprise of night, and a welcome one at that was the early return to the ring and mic of Cody Rhodes. In his young career he has already had many incarnations but moustachioed Cody Rhodes is one that is a bit of a head scratcher. Presumably he’s is trying to look as mature and wise as Sandow does with his beard but all his tells me is that he can’t grow a proper beard.

John Cena def. Big Show

As much as I respect these two for their hard work and dedication to the sport, this match I never going to grab my interest as they probably to of they most stale characters in the business today. I think we all could guess how this match was going to play out and it did. The only difference this time was that The Shield interfered before the referee could administer the three count.

Spark a massive brawl with added dodgy camera work which if intentional was a great move as it made it all seem more unexpected and out of control that can only be created with live television. The show ended before we could find out who got the upper hand, all of course to make you want buy the PPV which I’m going to have to do as it’s one of the few PPV’s that isn’t shown free on Sky Sports. Oh well.


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