Leo Kruger

Since first appearing on NXT television Kruger has reinvented himself from the aristocratic, sash wearing gimmick that was like an African Alberto Del Rio gimmick. Probably a wise move as I didn’t get the sense that he was really into the gimmick, probably a persona that was given to him when he first came to FCW.

But since then he has changed his persona to that of an African poacher that sees his enemies as trophies that he is looking to collect. He certainly has a different look to anyone else on the roster right now which will work in his favour now that he dons a black tank top and a pair khaki trousers to the ring.

This has definitely upped my interest in the character. Especially after those extremely creepy promos were aired on NXT introducing the new gimmick. The great use of camera angles from underneath his chin, although simple, are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I don’t what it is about his laugh and use of childlike language that also makes him that seem that little more deranged.

In the ring he tends to use moves that you would associate with high fliers such as cross body’s, diving elbow drop and bulldog’s. I have no problems with these moves it’s just that they don’t really fit the character of a poacher. He should a more vicious and clinical moveset. The twisting facebuster he uses as his finisher called the ‘Krugers end’ is a step in the right direction. I think the style Randy Orton adopts should be the blueprint for the way he wrestles

Given that his new gimmick sees him wanting to claim his opponents as ‘trophies’ there is quite a bit they could do with him on the main roster. For example, if he wants prizes he could go after some of the larger wrestlers such as Brodus Clay, Ryback, Khali, not that I want to see the latter on TV at all. Of course, if they turned face he could feud with the likes Big Show and Tensai.

It’s also worth noting that he’s already 33 years old, so if WWE don’t see something that they feel they can put on TV very soon then it will be unlikely that we will ever see Leo Kruger on one of the main rosters at all.

As December 2012 he has started to appear on Raw live events working with Jack Swagger. I wouldn’t read too much into who he’s working with but hopefully this means that WWE officials are considering bringing him up to one of the main rosters.


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