Raw Breakdown 7/1/13

John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler

This was another solid match between the two. The idea of trying to turn Ziggler into a sure fire main-eventer seems to be paying off. I’m a little concerned that the introduction of Big E Langston is taking some of the attention off him and just hope that the original goal of program isn’t going to get lost.

Now that Ziggler has defended his Money In The Bank and beaten Cena in the process I don’t really see what his motivation is to be still feuding with him. It seems that he is still bothering with Cena because his new girlfriend holds a grudge against Cena. I just think that having yet another woman boss the ‘Show Off’ around again makes him look a bit weak.

Team Rhodes Scholars def. Team Hell No

Delighted to see Rhodes and Sandow get another win over Hell No, hopefully they’ll get another title shot at the Rumble. They are a far more organic tag team and having them as the representatives of the division ill give it more legitimacy rather than Hell No who were only put together for the sake of a storyline.

I’m a bit confused with the relationship between Daniel Bryan and Kane. A couple of weeks ago we were being told that they had settled all of their issues and were now getting along, however they’ve been arguing just as much on every show since.

Randy Orton def. Heath Slater

This squash match served one purpose and that was to hype Orton’s participation in this years Royal Rumble.

Every time Randy wrestles it seems to be a reminder that he is actually here. The guy desperately needs and wants to a heel again. He’s far better as a bad guy and it almost seems that WWE haven’t had anything for him for about two years and he just disappears into the abyss much like CM Punk was two years ago.

Wade Barrett def. Santino Marella

I’m not quite sure what the objective was by having Ricky Steamboat accompany Marella to ringside, I know he’s one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time but it seemed pretty random. Hopefully this is WWE laying the foundations for a Wrestlemania storyline.

Sheamus def. Jinder Mahal

Another squash match to highlight how dangerous the winner of the previous Rumble is. As for 3MB, this was their third loss in as many weeks on Raw. I’m really worried what looked like a great opportunity for three young, promising wrestler sis turning to be just another vehicle for them to become jobbers.

I enjoyed the antics of Sheamus as he forced Mahal to put his hands on his arse and then hearing Cole making fun of the way he pronounces the ‘R’ so much. We do that in this part of the world because there is an ‘R’ in it, that’s why.

Antonio Cesaro def. The Great Khali

It’s a sad state of affairs when the announce team are more entertaining than the actual that they supposed to be commentating on. This was the case here when The Miz joined Cole and ‘The King’ at ringside. Cesaro is an incredible performer who can have great match for almost everyone, however, the proverbial mop would be easier to carry through a wrestling than Khali.

After watching Khali stumble around the ring for several minutes again we finally got to only talking point, Cesaro’s unbelievable demonstration of strength by lifting Khali to carry out the neutraliser. I talk about how he seems to out do himself every week but after Khali there isn’t anyone heavier, he’ll have to start wrestling heavier inanimate objects, still it’s better than Khali.

CM Punk def. Ryback

This was another good match, the result was never beyond doubt but that didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the bout. I was kind of surprised that the match actually happened, I presumed that Punk would try and worm his way out of the match, but this rivalry needed a big blow-off seen as their match at TLC.

I’m struggling to think of a time in which Ryback has had a PPV match in which there he hasn’t competed in a gimmick match. I don’t know whether WWE are reluctant to let him have traditional wrestling match that lasts longer than a couple of minutes. Maybe their worried like when Goldberg started in WCW that long matches would expose some his weaknesses. I think giving him the opportunity to have 4 or 5 star one-on-one wrestling match would help to make him a more viable WWE Champion in the future.

Big Show def. Kofi Kingston

What was the point? Yeah Big Show looks big and powerful because of the manner of the win, but why spend all this time hyping Kingston as being reborn and more aggressive f you’re going to have him lose in less than ten seconds. It defeats the object and helps no-one.

CM Punk & The Rock Promo

Whenever Punk promises more pipe-bombs, it’s is a sure-fire way of getting me excited, I miss the more risqué CM Punk that would push the boundaries of what you can and can’t say on TV. That is what he did, to a point anyway, standing up for underrated wrestlers like Tyson Kidd and ridiculing the ridiculousness of Brodus Clay’s gimmick.

But that is what Punk can do. He make you go ‘ooooh’ and not have to do it by skirting round the subject by making childlike jokes about people genitalia and dress sense. That is what The Rock does. Te most successful superstars learn to change their character over time so that it doesn’t become stale. Rock hasn’t done that. Eight years of being away from the company have shown that he is completely out of touch with what fans want from their superstars. He didn’t get the crowd chanting ‘Cookie Puss’ half as much as I think he probably wanted to, it certainly wasn’t trending on Twitter anyway.


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