Corey Graves

To look at him you would have that he was some kind of love-child of John Cena and Randy Orton – sorry for that image – with the jeans and the sleeve tattoos, but there is no one on the roster that he resembles more than CM Punk.

In the ring he seems to have taken a page out of CM Punks book, which is a wise move considering they are of a similar size, by utilising many different types of kicks and knees strikes. As seems to be the trend nowadays he like many other wrestlers seems to using a submission maneuver as a finishing move, with his move of choice being an Inside toehold leglock that he calls ‘The 13th Step’ is a unique move that although has been used before by Ron Fuller, I have never seen before. His other finishing move of choice, which I have yet to see him use on NXT is the sunset driver he calls the MK Ultra which looks like an incredibly devastating move that I’m surprised he hasn’t brought to WWE.

Furthermore, much like Punk, Graves has covered his body in tattoo’s that have great significance in his life. If they want Graves to make a connection with the WWE Universe, good or bad, I would suggest having Graves explain the meaning of his ink on TV to help us understand his background and motives for the way he acts.

If they were are to bring him up to the main roster I think it would be a good idea to continue with the team he has formed with Jake Carter, son of Vader, as they seem to have formed a decent pairing. The angle of being your ‘Girlfriends Favourite’ that Carter uses may be something they could use for the team. With Carters ‘pretty boy’ look and Graves ‘rugged’ appeal they could get a lot of female fans attention and get under the skin of the male fans at the same time.

However, they seem to be pushing him as a singles competitor after he attacked Seth Rollins during his interview with JR recently. As much as I am intrigued by Graves I don’t really know what he has done to receive a program with the NXT champion as of yet. He’s defeated a few jobbers but nothing that would justify him presumably earning a title shot in the near future.

It took a lot of hard work and luck for CM Punk just to make it to WWE television, so for someone who doesn’t come with the hype and excitement surrounding him he’s going to have to show something pretty special for creative to want to work with him.

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