Raw Breakdown 14/1/13

Opening Segment

The entire segment was entirely dedicated to trying to endear Del Rio to the crowd, well the Hispanic demographic at least. They gone so far as to not even bother with subtlety anymore. Instead of having Del Rio win the fans support by fighting the moral cause, they are deliberately mentioning the exact reasons why they need to turn him face in order to have a marketable Mexican star.

Unfortunately for him, the audience seem to be far more interested by Ricardo Rodriguez. Might be a little embarrassing for him that they need to use his stooge to help elevate him to his level of popularity.

Wade Barrett def. Randy Orton

This time last year this rivalry was really starting to get going and it was a shame they never got to bring it to a big finish due to injuries to both competitors. I wouldn’t mind them going face-to-face with one another at Wrestlemania for the Intercontinental. It would be a relief to see Orton get a decent, well-promoted match before the event as well for a change. He’s had a few that that have under radar for the last few years.

Kane def. Damien Sandow & Daniel Bryan def. Cody Rhodes

Two very short, almost pointless matches in which Team Hell No scored both the victories. Considering that WWE decided not to bring in many old faces from the last twenty years of the show suggested that they were going to concentrate on the the younger talent and there is no better example of the future of the company than within this storyline, minus Kane obviously. So to have such short matches defeated the object completely and in a predictable move the decided to show video packages of rubbish gimmicks, great talkers and bizarrely Bob Barkers forgettable appearance as guest host.

Mick Foley – HOF Announcement

Now it was time for the worst kept secret of the show. I really wish WWE would try harder to keep announcements like this secret as I miss the anticipation of finding out who’s going to get such a huge honour.

Congratulations have to go to Mick Foley, he certainly deserves his place within the WWE Hall of Fame for what he’s put his body through and the major role he played in the Monday Night Wars. For this reason they could have had the decency to allow him some time to say thank you and whatever he wanted to say before having The Shield come out and ruin his moment. The interference didn’t even lead to a match later on so it all seemed pretty much like having them run-in for the sake of it.

The re-ignition of the Foley-Ambrose feud we where teased with nearly a year ago would also not gone amiss.

CM Punk def. Brodus Clay

Brodus Clay has to thank Punk for this one. A match against the WWE Champion on the 20th anniversary of Raw. Just when his character seems to get pushed further and further down the card. Chances are he would never have made the show last week before CM Punk dropped another Pipe-Bomb about the Funkasaurus.

Even though he was allowed to display what he is capable of during the small amount of time he was given to beat down Punk. He was not only inevitably beaten by Punk but forced to submit to the Anaconda Vice, which although is painful looking move, doesn’t usually make bigger wrestlers look that tough when they tap out so quickly at least.

Maybe this should have been an occasion where Clay should have been so angry that he forewent the dancing and concentrated on dominating his opponent as way of reminding the fans that, like Sheamus, he maybe be a fun-loving guy, he can be a monster too.

3MB def. Sheamus

Although short I enjoyed this match as it demonstrated that although neither of them will win the Rumble, 3MB can be a force to be reckoned with. They’ve been nothing more than a joke since they were formed so it’s a positive step to them finally allowing their talents to be shown.

The match didn’t do Sheamus any harm because in real life no-one would be able to defeat three men at once and he did get to show why he won the event last year.

MizTV with Ric Flair

An utterly pointless segment involving horrible awkward stilted conversation between to people who looked like they haven’t even seen the script beforehand, probably written and re-written again before the show.

The crowd seemed just as bewildered as to why any of what was happening in front of them was happening. There’s no connection between the two, Miz didn’t seem to have any motive for inviting him onto the show and unless their planning on helping Miz’s failing face run by having Flair by his side then there never was.

John Cena def. Dolph Ziggler

This match saved the show from being completely forgettable. There was nothing outstanding about the match but apart from Barrett v Orton you would be forgiven for forgetting this was wrestling show. But still it was a solid and entertaining bout.

I’m still not sold on the idea of having Big E Langston as Ziggler’s bodyguard. There were several instances when Cena clearly had the match won if it wasn’t for Langston’s help. While I know this all staged stuff to make the match more back and forth it doesn’t make the ‘Show Off’ look very strong when he has to be saved every five minutes.

Rock Concert

If you turned up to your favourite bands concert and they only played to songs you’d be pissed off. So I don’t know why they bothered hyping up such an event form ‘The Great One’ when he did just that and same amount of chords in the process. He didn’t even do a song about Punk like he did when feuded with Cena. Instead he just called The Straight Edge Superstar out and they traded punches outside the ring.

Maybe this a good thing. If he just made fun of Punk through a song it would have been too similar to this time last year with this Cena. Every feud needs to feel different in order to keep us interested and hopefully by this rivalry more physical than verbal is an exciting way to go.


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