SPOILER: Article about spoilers

WWE once again blew the big ending to their much hyped first Smackdown of the year. When they revealed that Alberto Del Rio would be winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Big Show on the taped show. Which makes me wonder why they do this?

I for one hate the idea of watching a show knowing what’s going to happen it takes away of the excitement and anticipation. I can’t understand why anybody watches soaps, it’s just impossible to buy a TV guide that shows that doesn’t reveal all the stories and plot twists for the coming week. That we can be thankful the WWE doesn’t do.

The WWE product prides itself on the notion that ‘Anything can happen in the WWE’ but that disappears when the viewers of what is already a taped programme know what is going to happen. The reason why Raw is still the flagship show is because it is live and has that sense of unpredictability that means the show is as real and as authentic as a wrestling/entertainment show possibly can be.

Yes, the dirts sheets do warn us by putting ‘SPOILER’ being any story that will tell us what happens on the show. But I’m only human, and a bored and impatient one at that, so I can’t stare at the headline without resisting the temptation to click on it myself.

Revealing the result of a taped match beforehand has worked out well for them in the past of course. No one will forget the night Tony Schiavone was told to reveal that Mankind was going to win the then WWF Championship. At which point around 600,000 people changed the channel from Nitro to RAW.

As for the episode of Smackdown in question it did scored a rating of 2.20 which is a big improvement on the 1.80 from the week before. However, this episode was advertised a lot more than normal as it was the first of the year and also featured The Rock’s first appearance on the show in ten years, so that would have affected the figures.

It seems that all networks care about about the ratings. If your show isn’t delivering the goods then you can be replaced. By announcing the something big is going major is going to happen before the show is aired is one way of guaranteeing that casual viewers will tune in. I expect WWE to carry on spoiling things regardless of our opinion.



About Craig Watford

I graduated form Sheffield Hallam University with 2.1 in Journalism Studies in 2010. I am mainly interested in writing about sports with my favourite sport being football(soccer). I have watched wrestling religiously since I was about 8-9 years old. My favourite match of all time is Austin vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 17.

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