Raw Breakdown 21/1/13

Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman segment

These two come out together as a show unity against The Rock’s actions last week. Forgive me but I thought Rock was facing CM Punk at the Rumble so why are WWE spending their time trying to garner heat on Guerrero and Heyman when they should be with Punk. Also their so embarrassed by what happened last week that their going to show you it again, why would you do that?

Randy Orton def. Antonio Cesaro

Decent match to start off the show. As it was the first match of the Beat the Clock challenge it was always unlikely that either were going to win it. However, they could have at least looked like they were trying to win it as quickly as possible.

Big Show def. Zack Ryder

Not sure exactly what happened in this match apart from the K.O. Punch because all we were shown was Brad Maddox interrupting Cole and Lawler on commentary.

We didn’t really learn much from the match either. Big Show is still angry and Ryder is still getting buried by everyone who doesn’t appear on Superstars.

Ryback def. Heath Slater

No surprises here as Ryback picked up an easy win. Afterwards he stated his intentions to win the Royal Rumble, despite the big push he’s received in such a short time in WWE I don’t expect them to go as far as having him win the match itself. Probably more likely that he will go into Wrestlemania feuding with The Shield.

For some reason despite both of these competitors being in the Rumble this was not a Beat the Clock challenge match. Of course the match finished extremely quickly

CM Punk Promo

Another great promo from CM Punk. What also made this promo so good was that even if you don’t like Punk, he makes it hard for you to disagree with him as everything he says is true. He has had to work harder than anyone else to get to where he is now and has added prestige and importance back to the title that was lacking before his reign.

Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz

For me this was the best match of the night. Plenty of back and forth action with the pace switching

Unlike Del Rio, Miz’s face turn isn’t going quite as smoothly. More people were chanting for Ziggler throughout the match. Although I think giving Miz the figure-four leglock is helping getting reaction from the crowd, it has such a strong connection with Ric Flair that he’s just going to look a poor man’s Nature Boy.

Hopefully, this will be the kick start that Miz needs. He’s been languishing in the mid-card ever since he main-evented Wrestlmania and looks seemingly content with his position since then.

Anger Management Graduation

Although I get annoyed every time they give Kane these comedic situations that make him look soft and weak, it’s impossible not to enjoy his chemistry with Daniel Bryan, especially when Dr Shelby is involved. The segment may have seen pretty dumb but having three hours of serious programming can become monotonous so adding humour does help. Anyone whose seen the new Les Miserables movie will understand the importance of Sacha Baron Cohen in the film.

I’m also pretty sure that you don’t ‘graduate’ and get a diploma for completing an anger management course. If you do then it makes an absolute mockery of my Journalism degree. I also have no idea why ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ was being played beforehand, it’s patriotic British piece of music which doesn’t have anything to do with graduations or the USA. 

The Rock Promo

Despite sucking up to the people yet again this actually turned out to be one of his best promos in recent years. Not only did he manage to refrain from making cheesy, immature jokes but also managed to stay on topic and talk about what actually matters, the WWE Championship. The Shield later came out and beat up The Rock creating awkward for the moment for the next family get together for him and Roman Reigns. They were banned from ringside at the Rumble to add extra jeopardy for Punk, however Heyman has some with Maddox.

Sheamus v Wade Barrett, draw?

As always between these it was another good solid wrestling match.

It’s always a shame when a good match gets spoilt by run-ins, but in this case it does add a little something extra to the Royal Rumble match as Orton and especially Sheamus will be looking to get revenge, or maybe not actually after Ziggler found out he could only choose between entering at number 1 or 2. However, that could have just been a rule change by Vickie to get back at ‘Ziggy’.

Alberto Del Rio def. Tensai

Yet another squash match, I think it’s time WWE just gave up on Tensai and either repackage him as Albert again or just get rid of him. I’m sure he would prefer to go back Japan and be a main event star again.

The only thing of note that caught my eye during the match was that Del Rio somehow managed to miss the enormous target that is Al-er Tensai sorry from point blank range having come the second rope.

I had my reservations of how a rich, aristocratic figure like Del Rio’s could make the transition to a babyface so quickly, but judging by the audience participation with his Spanish ten-count it seems to be working very well so far.

John Cena segment

As usual for a go-home before the Royal Rumble it finished in predictable fashion with most of the locker room coming out, claiming they were going to win on Sunday and sparking a massive brawl. The only time of the year you’ll see JTG, Yoshi Tatsu and Michael McGillicutty in the final segment of Raw. I was surprised they gave Prime Time Players an entrance by themselves and then someone like Ryback got lost within the rest of the locker room when they came out.

Beforehand of course we had to listen to Cena once again try his hardest to be funny. Most of his jokes ending with nothing than an embarrassed chuckle. Like he has any idea what a normal Sunday is for us, our lives compared are very different I’m sure, when he gets a rare day at home he probably sleeps through most it.



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