Road to the Past

As both Cena and Rock’s arms were raised in victory at this Sundays Royal Rumble I couldn’t help but it was a sad indictment of how WWE treats its younger talents.

There was a long list of wrestlers in that Rumble who have shown enough throughout the year to have earned the right to win the Rumble. Typically though they went with Cena to win again. A man who in all likelihood would have gone into other title main event if he hasn’t have soon this so in the end we have gained nothing from this.

Despite the fact that WWE has spent the best part of the last few years trying to creature new stars with the likes of Ryback, Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler to name a few. Every time Wrestlemania rolls around they insist on bringing back stars from the past.

This year looks like out will be no different. The Rock has back after ten years and expects to be handed the WWE title. Chris Jericho shows up unexpectedly at the Rumble, presumably as he has some time free from touring with Fozzy. Furthermore, Brock Lesnar will probably be facing Triple H at the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’

While it’s great to see great to see all these talents again, I can’t help but feel that most are only motivated by the big money payout they get from Wrestlemania. It’s not as if they haven’t already achieved enough within the company or had their Wrestlemania moment.

What they are doing though is taking away a spot on the biggest show of the year from many of the wrestlers I’ve mentioned above. The same wrestlers that have not only been wrestling pretty much every night of the year, but have been dreaming of having their moment at ‘Grandest Stage of them All’

If the WWE is really committed to making new stars then they need to start putting faith in them to perform at Wrestlemania. If it really is the platform that can define a wrestlers career then give some of the younger, hungrier talents the chance to make themselves stars.

When it comes right down to it, this is a business and they’ll always being looking to make money now rather than investing in the future.


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About Craig Watford

I graduated form Sheffield Hallam University with 2.1 in Journalism Studies in 2010. I am mainly interested in writing about sports with my favourite sport being football(soccer). I have watched wrestling religiously since I was about 8-9 years old. My favourite match of all time is Austin vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 17.

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