Adrian Neville

One of NXT’s newest and brightest stars is yet another wrestler from across the pond. Hailing from Newcastle, England he is the first ever Geordie to grace a WWE ring, as far as i know. Having gained a good reputation on the independent circuit in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Dragon Gate and New Japan Pro Wrestling over the last eight years he is hardly what you would call a rookie.

Upon joining WWE he had to come up with a new name as is usual as WWE like to intellectual property over every wrestler they have. Originally called PAC, he chose the surname Neville after former Manchester United footballer Gary Neville. A strange choice for a babyface as Gary Neville was one of the most annoying and arrogant players of his day. Not something Adrian’s character will want to be associated with at this time.

What is so unique about Neville is that he is exactly the opposite of the typical roughneck British wrestler like Regal, Finlay and Barrett. Instead he is more cut out of the same mould as The Dynamite Kid that would make you believe he had trained as a luchador in Mexico.

Despite being incredibly muscular for a man of his size, at only 5ft 10ins tall he doesn’t exactly fit the bill of what WWE look for in their top stars so he may have to work hard to get noticed. Fortunately, he has a massive amount of talent that help him stand out from the crowd.

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” is easily one of the most exciting prospects in a WWE ring already, his finishing move, a corkscrew shooting star press seems to defy all laws of physics. There doesn’t seem to be a luchador move that he doesn’t know.

I’ve never heard him speak yet, apart from when he was saying goodbye to Dragon Gate, but obviously I can’t read too much into that. I know the best way to tell a story is in the ring but i hope for his sake that he is good on the mic because we all know how highly WWE expects their talents to be entertainers as well as wrestlers.

It’s at times like these that that you wish WWE still had a cruiserweight division. If so he would easily have a place already on the roster. In what seems a natural, but obvious choice they have placed him in a tag team with fellow Englishman Oliver Grey. Yesterday, they were given a huge vote of confidence when they given the honour of being the first ever NXT Tag Team Champions.

In whatever capacity i expect Adrian Neville will be brought up to the main roster pretty quickly after Wrestlemania.

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