tumblr_m7syw5CwL81rbmjvuo1_500In July 2012, English TV station Channel 4 broadcast a show called ‘The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family’ It featured a whole family of wrestlers, all of which had the same dream of making it big in the industry.

Having given up themselves on achieving their dreams, Mother and Father can only hope and pray that their son and/or daughter can have more luck as they get a tryout with WWE. Unfortunately, Zak Zodiac didn’t make the grade, but his sister, Saraya-Jade Bevis then known as Britani Knight did.

The documentary ends with the rest of her family sat around their TV as they all watch their daughter and sister, now known as Paige, enter an FCW ring for the first time.

Despite her short time in the company she’s already made her mark. The first thing she’s done is take over the role of the anti-diva that was left by the departure of Kharma. She has already been named NXT diva of 2012 and has been ranked as the thirtieth best female wrestler by PWI in the her debut year in the company.

Furthermore, she’s also giving Sheamus a good run for his money in the ‘who’s got the palest skin’ competition. Then again we all like that over here.

In the ring, not only is she agile and flexible enough to adapt her style to cope with a high flyer, but she is very technical as she also likes to utilise many different submission holds. Her tendency to want to inflict constant pain through submissions reflects her Gothic look well. Ability wise she maybe second only to Natalya.

At just twenty years old, this Norwich born young lady is a long way off reaching her peak. Assuming she does have the desire for this business that I think she has it’ll be nice to see a diva do so before leaving too do something else.

When it comes to being over with the fans then Paige is right up there with Big E Langston. Much like AJ Lee she has the appealing quality of being very pretty and also looking like the girl that could be living next door. She has a natural ability to connect with the audience, maybe its been so long since we’ve seen a Divas with genuine desire to be a wrestler, like Paige, that that’s all it takes now to impress us.

It’s for that reason that I would certainly expect to see Paige brought up to the main roster straight after Wrestlemania 29. With the current Divas division in the dire state that it WWE is in desperate need of more female wrestlers like Paige too save it though.

If they decide to do swerve like they did with AJ then she has the look that would fit perfectly well with The Ascension, if of course WWE has any intentions of continuing with that gimmick since the release of Kenneth Cameron. Well, she already screams before she enters the ring so she has the basic gist of the gimmick nailed down already.

If WWE has any intention of reigniting the Divas division then Paige would be a vital cog in the rebuilding process.


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