WWE Raw Breakdown & Results 25/2/13

Vince McMahon v Paul Heyman Fight

The only surprise about the way this segment of the show transpired was how early it was on in the show. Before the ‘fight’ could really get started Brock Lesnar came in to save Heyman from McMahon and then Triple H came in to do the same for Vince.

Triple H must be slightly relieved that he busted open Lesnar causing him to need 18 stitches in his head. If that hadn’t of happened all we would have been talking about would have been his embarrassing wet patch around his crotch.

Things always seem to get a lot more exciting when Lesnar’s on screen because if his ‘Loose Cannon’ aura about him. There’s a certain unpredictability about him that brings back that sense of ‘anything can happen on live TV’

Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler

A decent showing from these two. It looks like they have stopped teasing a possible heel turn for Ryback, for the time being. It seems that after two big losses in a row they needed to remind viewers of his strength and dominance. So a big win against will hopefully do the trick. Even though Ziggler lost he puts so much effort into making his opponent look good that he still comes out intact.

Mark Henry def. The Great Khali

Went to the toilet, by the time I came back it was over. I’m guessing I missed nothing special.

MizTV: Jack Swagger, Zeb Colter, Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez

Jack Swagger may have been the most disappointed man on Raw this week when he found out that Glenn Beck wouldn’t be there. I’m sure he would want to thank him in person four helping him keep his job. Had out not been for the interest created by Beck then maybe Swagger would have been sat at home watching Ziggler being introduced on MizTV.

Although I glad Swagger and Colter are still being vilified food their views their was a worrying YouTube video n which they defended WWE’s product. Which I doing have a problem with it’s just that having them defend WWE kind of puts them our side against Beck and the last thing we need is fans cheering these two, that won’t be good publicity.

Randy Orton def. Antonio Cesaro

I don’t about you but I feel as if I’ve seen this match more times than we should have. It’s beginning to wear a little thin, almost as if this is meant to be filler and nothing else.

With five weeks to Wrestlemania there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the undercard, and doesn’t look like we will find out more at next weeks ‘old school’ if it’s being described as a ‘throwaway’ show.

Sheamus’s Oscar Snubs

Last week when Sheamus mocked Wade Barrett for his peripheral role in Dead Man Down I assumed it was just a one off. However, it seems that this isn’t the case and that WWE is dropping Bo Dallas’s debut storyline on WWE television.

We will have to see whether Bo has had his storyline scrapped in the coming weeks. Maybe the crowd didn’t get behind Dallas as much as WWE was hoping.

R-Truth def. Cody Rhodes

A couple of weeks ago Team Rhodes Scholars had disbanded. Since then they’ve ‘reunited’ at live events and are still fighting each others battles on TV. I wish WWE would make up minds on what to do with them once and for all. I’d personally love to see them back in the Tag Team title picture.

Kane and Daniel Bryan def. Darren Young and Titus O’Neil

Once PTP looked to be destined to be future tag team champions. Now they’re being buried by a team that is only there for comedic value who severely handicapped during the match. There’s no way where being led to believe a team consisting of a blind man and one-armed would beat one of their main rivals.

Let Team Cobro do the comedy and actual genuine wrestlers be wrestlers, their entertaining enough as it is. Their getting stale now and the fans are bored of it.

The Shield Promo

Another great promo from the Shield. Dean Ambrose is top of the list vocally in the group and maybe the company, Rollins is impressing me more and more when has the mic but Reigns still looks quite nervous every time he has the mic. It’s as if you can see him trying to remember his lines as he speaks.

Then presumably to keep everyone guessing Sheamus comes out provokes Ambrose and Reigns to allow Randy Orton to RKO Seth Rollins. So its still up in the whether Sheamus will face Barrett or the Shield at Wrestlemania but out looks like Orton definitely will be. Expect two of either Sheamus, Ryback and Jericho to join him.

Jack Swagger def. The Miz

Swagger managed to come out of this show unscathed. There was no humiliating moments or loss for him at all. Maybe he will see thus as a green light to commit more crimes. It was as if nothing bad happened as he dispatched The Miz without too much trouble to continue his big push.

As for Miz these continuous losses in a manner that makes him look like an injured animal is no way for them to help promote the release of his new movie on DVD pretty soon. If you thought last years fall from main eventer to Team Laurinaitis member was bad, this year he’s more likely to have a small speaking at this rate.

John Cena def. CM Punk

This was easily an early candidate for match of the year, which is what to expect every time these to square off against each other. It could easily be better than any match we see at Wrestlemania. I was even impressed with Cena myself , and that takes a lot of doing but it can’t be a coincidence that he’s had this many great matches with CM Punk. The biggest surprise of the match was seeing Punk deliver a piledriver to Cena, a move which I’m pretty sure was banned years ago, but I bet these two can get away with it.

Even though you just know WWE want to have rematch between Rock and Cena at Wrestlemania it didn’t hamper the entertainment value of the contest. Even most ‘marks’ would have probably have found themselves questioning who was just going to win as the momentum swung from one competitor to the other.


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