Godawful Gimmicks – The Shockmaster

wcw-shockmaster-i8.jpgThere have been many infamous wrestling debuts through the years. The Undertaker, Goldberg, Chris Jericho, but for The Shockmaster, he became a household name for all the wrong reasons.

After leaving WWE in 1993, Ottman quickly appeared in WCW. At ‘A Flair for the Gold’ he was to be introduced as the surprise partner for the team of Sting and Davey Boy Smith. But as soon as Sting revealed his name and the fireworks went off in front off the wall he was meant to burst through, he tripped over plank of wood that had been lifted up from the time he practiced in rehearsal.

Ottman said about the incident “That (the glittered helmet) was just to keep my identity, keep me under wraps…The wall was increased in height…Mike Graham’s the one who gave me the cue to go. I had the mask on, holes drilled in it, but then the glitter was coming through. So they took the secretary, cut off her panty hose, cut patches and glued them over the eye holes…That was to keep the glitter out of my eyes. Mike told me I had to bust the wood, bust the 5/8-inch sheetrock that made up the set; I had to hit it hard…Well, I busted it all the way to my knees, and just like a teeter-totter, I hit it so hard it blew me over the top of the bottom. Then the little helmet popped off, I turned away from the camera, and attempted to pop it back on my face, jump up, and do the promo”

Regardless of whether this blunder happened or not. How on earth was this gimmick going to work? Given how loosely the helmet was fitted to his head the helmet would have flown off almost immediately into his debut match. Even if they did decide to securely fasten the helmet to his head, how you be able to take a bump safely without seriously hurting his head ever single time?

Also, who the hell designed his attire? A glitter storm trooper helmet, a sleeveless fur jacket, jeans and a pair of boots. He looks like he was dressed by a person with multiple schizophrenia.

Here’s a video of Dusty Rhodes discussing the incident on the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable


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