Raw Breakdown & Results 4/3/2013

Ryback def. Antonio Cesaro

This was a decent match-up to start the show with plenty of back and forth action. Also, great to see a match in which both participants got to demonstrate their skills. The same can not be said, sadly, for the rest of the show.

They clearly have a lot of faith in Cesaro as he was almost allowed to get a pinfall victory over Ryback, had he hit the Neutralizer of course. This teased the idea that he could beat Ryback. However, he reversed the move, displaying some of his technical abilities that we don’t see too often, and hit the Shellshock for the win.

Mark Henry def. Zack Ryder

Judging by the confrontation we saw before the match started it would seem that one of the under card matches we expected to be sorted out at this Raw will be Ryback versus Mark Henry at Wrestlemania. I certainly hope so, the last I want is to see The Great Khali in at ‘Mania is the untelevised battle royal that’s traditionally starts the show.

As for the match, it was over as quickly as it started. Only really on the card to emphasize just how dominant Mark Henry is, and presumably to show what happens to wrestlers if they constantly moan about their position in the company. Ryder has now got so desperate that he is actually sporting trunks that have the words ‘Push Me’ across the back of them.

The Miz def. Dolph Ziggler

This was a fun match to watch, most notably because of the antics of the extremely excitable Ric Flair. Watching him dance around the like a child is still engaging for some reason and watching him using his dirty tactics on Big E Langston was both comically and brought back great memories of the Old School Era.

I’m worried that they still keep Ziggler on the losing side of all results. I feel as if this to push out of the picture a bit until he hopefully cashes in at Wrestlemania. If so i hope his losing streak doesn’t hamper peoples perception of him as a viable WHC.

The Rock & John Cena Confrontation

This needed to be good as I’m not really sold on the idea of having these to fight again. We’ve seen it once already and I don’t really remember it living up to the hype.

Fortunately, it turned out to be a pretty good promo. Cena had some good motives for wanting to go into this match in desperate need of coming out victorious and neither of the two wasted their time with cheesy jokes. Even when Rock did come out one at least it was vaguely topical, and funny, as he had a pop at Lance Armstrong.

Jack Swagger vs Jim Duggan

This was actually a very clever and cheap way of getting a lot heat on Swagger before Wrestlemania. Just like Del Rio is being built up as a face Swagger needs the same as a heel and having him beat up three much loved and ageing legends, who, with all respect, can’t stand up for themselves like they used to.

Team Hell No def. Prime Time Players

I don’t know where their going with the tag team division at the moment. What once seemed like a burgeoning place full of competition is now just a comedy segment where the champions have no direction or competition.

Tensai and Brodus Clay def. Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre

More filler than you can shake a stick at in this show. Only thing of note here is that Tensai seems to have fully embraced his ‘Sweet T’ persona now with the new ring attire.

Triple H Addresses Brock Lesnar

Hunter made the announcement that he was back. I don’t think anybody ever believed that he was retiring for good after his match against Lesnar last summer.

He also noted that he’s in the best shape of his life. I’ll be interested to see if that’s the case at Wrestlemania, as all I noticed during the final years of his career was his ever growing stomach.

Overall, it was a good promo. The intensity and gravelly voice of Triple H is something that can get anyone excited and make you believe that there are some personal issues between the two, more than just off screen. If Jim Ross is to be believed in his last blog.

Alberto Del Rio def. Wade Barrett

We were told that this Raw would show us what the undercard would be for ‘Mania. But without any interaction between Barrett and Sheamus or Dallas doesn’t bode well for the ‘Barrett Barrage’ and the Intercontinental Championship.

The New Age Outlaws def. Primo and Epico

More filler, this time though a more enjoyable and worthwhile showing from the NAO who deserved their chants of ‘you’ve still got it’. After they picked their we in they received a challenge from the supposedly disbanded Team Rhodes Scholars via Backstage Fallout video. Will we ever this team again, probably, but never more than just for old time sake.

CM Punk def. Sheamus, Randy Orton, Big Show

First thing we have to be thankful for here’s is that this match stopped the inevitable Mae Young kissing an embarrassed superstar joke that seems to happen at all these type of events WWE holds.

After last weeks classic main event this match was always likely to struggle to live up to the standard, especially with that many combatants in the ring.

Really looking to seeing what angle WWE go with for this exciting feud between CM Punk and Undertaker. It always ‘The Streak versus….’ and in this time it’s Punks record breaking title reign. Presumably, its if you’re good enough to hold the belt for that long, let’s see if you end my unbeaten run at Wrestlemania.

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