Kassius Ohno

Kassius Ohno (4)

Despite being labelled a rookie by WWE as part of NXT, Kassius Ohno is anything but that. If anything he is a veteran as he made his wrestling debut nearly 15 years ago.

Under the name Chris Hero he made quite a name for himself on the independent circuit wrestling for IWA Mid-South, Chikara and Ring Of Honor. During this time he competed against, and alongside the likes of CM Punk, Sabu, Colt Cabana and Antonio Cesaro.

It was when he tagged with the latter that he had the most success as they captured multiple tag team title belts in different organisations. In 2010 they awarded Tag Team of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Given all these accolades, I was surprised that they didn’t have the two continue to do so when they both joined the WWE. Especially considering how much Triple H supposedly wants to, or wanted to, rejuvenate the Tag Team division. However, it’s now clear that they had other, bigger plans for Cesaro that we are now witnessing, as he bypassed NXT.

It’s a worrying trend for him, given that he has been on the NXT roster from the start that so many other superstars have been chosen to make that jump to the main roster before him. Big E Langston, Bo Dallas, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to name a few, have all been given a chance and I don’t think I’ve heard stories of Ohno being called up anytime soon.

What I don’t think is helping Ohno is that Wade Barrett seems to have stolen part of his gimmick by adopting a very similar finishing maneuver, a variation of an elbow smash to the face, quite so soon after Ohno debuted in NXT.

In the ring he is extremely gifted. I don’t think there are many wrestlers who have such a vast and diverse move set as Ohno. He has being given the nickname “The Mack Daddy of the Cravate” on the Indy circuit because of all the moves he possesses that begin with a cravate hold, from submission to suplexes.

The one move I definitely like to see use in WWE is the Rubik’s Cube, although I doubt they’ll allow him to as they seem to ban all the devastating moves. A move in which has his opponent in an upside down electric chair and drops him on the back the neck.

Despite being 225lbs he can look a bit lanky at 6ft 4ins tall which may stop some people from believing that he is string enough to legitimately knock a man unconscious. It does allow him to perform moves that other men of his size can’t as he has the likes of moonsaults and jumping sentons in his arsenal.

Kassius Ohno has everything it is takes to be a top performer on the main roster, I just think it’s a case creative not having anything for him at the moment that’s keeping him off Raw or Smackdown.


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