Will Kharma return? Layla’s reaction to The Bellas return & Heyman comments Triple H

– Paul Heyman spoke with Matt Striker in a WWE App exclusive video at last night’s RAW. Heyman stressed that Triple H has to be insane to fight Brock Lesnar under his own stipulations. Heyman said the game is on and Triple H has been outplayed.

– Layla also spoke to Matt Striker on the WWE App during last night’s show. It was noted that Layla is currently the longest-tenured Diva on the roster. Layla said The Bella Twins returning will make things more competitive but they should keep their eyes open.

– A fan on Twitter asked former WWE talent Kharma if we will get to hear her “cackling laugh” once again now that The Bella Twins have returned to WWE. Kharma replied with a “perhaps.”

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