WWE Raw Breakdown & Results – March 11

Paul Bearer, Undertaker & CM Punk segment

The show started off exactly how I hoped it would by paying respect to one of the greatest managers of all time. That excellent video package was played and undertaker came out and saluted the urn. Very classy and respectful.

Then CM Punk came out and ‘ruined’ it all. You can’t blame WWE for using this for the storyline between the two as it adds an extra, albeit, unfortunate dimension to the feud, and by having CM Punk interrupt Taker’s tribute only adds to Punk’s villainous image.

Even though I didn’t know him, I also can’t help but feel that somewhere Paul Bearer is loving all of this, this is what he would have wanted. Surely it’s more respectful to acknowledge the importance of Bearer to Undertaker and Kane by having them to want revenge over CM Punk for disrespecting Bearer rather than just a tribute video.

Big Show def. Seth Rollins by DQ

It’s hard to see were their going with this one. Is Big Show slowly turning face again, or is this just some sort of tweener role he’s playing. Because there’s no hints that he trying to get along with Orton and Sheamus.

You just knew when it was announced that this match wouldn’t end in a decisive pinfall, as they are determined to keep The Shield undefeated streak and unbeatable image as intact as possible.

Dolph Ziggler def. Daniel Bryan

It’s a shame this match wasn’t allowed to play out without any interruptions, but you can see why they did it. This type of match has main event all over it in the future, hopefully when Ziggler cashes in soon anyway. If you have many decisive victories over each other, people will have already have come to their over who’s better.

New Age Outlaws vs Team Rhodes Scholars

This was typical of WWE. Hype up a match all week, get everyone excited only for it to not actually happen. Instead, Brock Lesnar came and interfered by giving F5’s to the NAO.

Heyman then stated that Lesnar would face Triple H at Wrestlemania 29, but only if he could add a stipulation that he will only announce once The Game has signed the contract.

Mark Henry def. Kofi Kingston & Ryback def. Heath Slater

Two matches so similar and predictable I’ll put them together. Ryback and Henry are both being hyped up as unstoppable monsters here. Which begs the question, if their so strong and unbeatable why aren’t they in the main event?

Ryback’s match need with them trying to out do one another on Drew McIntyre, who was reportedly legitimately injured in the process.

Alberto Del Rio def. Antonio Cesaro

An unusually quiet night from Cesaro, he must have told to go out and just do the job to Del Rio. In the end, apart from some resistance from Cesaro it turned out to be a pretty straightforward victory for Del Rio with an excellent maneuver into the armbar.

Randy Orton & Sheamus def. Team Rhodes Scholars

After revealing that The Bella’s were back to spend some time with them, Vickie announced that they would competing against Orton and Sheamus.

Presuming that these two will be going against The Shield at Wrestlemania, this match was put in place to validate these two as a tag team by beating an already established team in the form of Rhodes and Sandow.

Chris Jericho vs The Miz (No Contest)

Before this match got started we had to sit through one of the most difficult segments I have ever had the misfortune of watching. Apart from some the exchanges between Barrett, Miz and Jericho of was painful to watch. Jericho’s jacket didn’t light up, his Jeritron 6000 disappeared after the umpteenth movie clip of the night and Maddox, who is usually great in the mic looked like a man recovering from amnesia as he struggled to remember his lines.

There isn’t much to say about the match either as it it descended into farce and I think it ended in a double disqualification, leading to an inevitable triple threat match next week. Which will probably end the same way.

Jack Swagger def. Sin Cara

This match served as a good reminder that Sin Cara is still in the company. Unfortunately, for him whenever the crocked Rey Mysterio is injured, he might as well be as well.

Swagger’s push continued as you would expect in this squash match. Nobody gains anything from it that we didnt already know. Sin Cara still can’t seem to get the crowd behing him even when he’s just been discriminated against for no reason.

Kane def. CM Punk

In a similar scenario to the opening segment, Kane was allowed to do his bit to play respect to Paul Bearer then Punk attacked him. It just the right timing that no offence was caused and Punk still gets heat for looking disrespectful, perfect.

Looks like Kane could be dragged into this storyline as well now, no it in a competitive role anyway. God knows what changes this will make to any Tag Team Title match there was going to be Wrestlemania, if there was going to be one at all.

Seemed very strange that a match with so weapons was brought in so early in the the feud, these types of matches are usually left to the end as a way if blowing off the feud in a big way.


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