Why are The Bella Twins back?

Monday saw the unexpected returns of The Bella Twins to our screens. It appears to be an attempt by WWE to bring many of former Divas to help revive the struggling division.

Since their departure from the company there has been two significant changes in their lives. Brie has imitated art and has started dating Daniel Bryan, and Nikki has apparently begun a relationship with no other than John Cena.

Now forgive me, but the cynic in me makes me think that now they dating two of the biggest stars in the industry gives them an extra influence in the company. It doesn’t take as genius to understand how that could be of benefit to them. It turned out alright for Triple H.

Don’t be surprised if one of these has quite a decent run as Divas Champion in the not distant future. I mean the last thing WWE would want is for one of their significant others to become angry at the way their girlfriends are being treated.

From a company standpoint, the Bella’s have lost their mainly selling point, the fact that they agree twins. They’re no longer identical twins due to Nikki’s new set of ‘twins’ that make very easy to tell them apart nowadays. They are now less of an attraction and an asset as they was before.

It’s Brie I feel sorry for, she’ll have to get a boob job herself to rectify the problem, at least she can cover-up her tattoos. I realize Nikki can cover her boobs, but they’ll still stand out.

Maybe they should have stuck with original idea and promoted from within.

Now I’m quite happy to have them back, honestly, their not exactly Trish Stratus and Lita, but oh well. They were seemingly happy with their lifestyle away from WWE if Twitter is anything to by.

However, it seems by reports that they were reportedly offered more money than they are originally on. Which I imagine, coupled with their acknowledged intent to return at some point maybe the real reason why they are back.

It has also been recently announced that the Divas will be getting their own reality show on E! The promise of having a part in a show that is shown on prime time TV on a popular channel would be great exposure for them. It has also been suggest that their match at Wrestlemania was never actually intended to happen, and was just created so the television cameras could follow the ‘twins’ in the lead up to the event to get some good footage for the show.


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