WWE Raw Breakdown & Results – March 18

John Cena def. Darren Young

No surprises hear as Cena scored a quick victory over ‘Mr No Days Off’ The idea here supposedly here is that despite the comedy antics of PTP, Cena ius in no laughing mood and totally concentrated on defeating The Rock.

Last week they mercifully didn’t have Cena on so Rock didn’t look weak. I didn’t even notice until it was pointed out to me, which just goes to show his impact on me.

Ryback def. David Otunga

This was one of those rare occasions where we actually found something out from a squash match. In this case it was that even with a number one rated thriller movie David Otunga still can’t get a victory, let alone some offence in.

Apparently, Vince has Wrestlemania’s planned well in advance, but going by the sudden decision to pull Ryback out of the triple threat match and into another suggests that that is far from the case.

Fandango v The Great Khali

Sometimes I wonder whether WWE wants this gimmick to succeed. Paired with an inept wrestler like Khali and given a stupid name their definitely doing their best. Unfortunately for them, Johnny Curtis is making the character work.

To the point that they maybe putting more effort into gimmick with the new set on the ramp way and ‘Psycho Sid style’ pyro as he enters the ring. Maybe backstage they are starting to think that he will actually debut after all.

R-Truth def. Damien Sandow

I didn’t really see the point if this match to start with considering that neither of these two have anything going for them into Wrestlemania. So for them to have Sandow walk out half way through the match confounded the point of the contest.

Undertaker & CM Punk Promo

It seems that you either love or hate the fact that Paul Bearer’s death has been brought into the storyline. As far as CM Punk goes you can always rely on him to give a great promo, JR always says that talent should maximise their minutes and by juggling the urn when delivering his promo was a master class in villainous psychology.

Kane & Daniel Bryan def. Epico & Primo

A very simple victory as you would have expected. It’s great to see the ‘crazy chick’ side of AJ come out again as she tried to distract Bryan and Kane by skipping around the ring like she used to, however this time to no avail.

Despite this it’s strange that their suddenly dragging up these issues again with the love triangle from last year, but i suppose the idea that Kane and Daniel Bryan want revenge on her as they didn’t really get any closure on that debacle makes sense and adds a much needed dimension to the storyline.

Alberto Del Rio def. Cody Rhodes

I didn’t really think Del Rio’s face push was going all that well, I mean it’s a sad state of affairs when your ring announcer has more fans than you. But after Swagger put the Patriot Lock on Ricardo after the match and broke his ankle, it only spells more bad news as he’s probably going to have do without even him in the build up to Wrestlemania.

I don’t know whats happened to poor old Cody, this time last year he was not only IC Champion, but rejuvenating interest in the belt as a whole. Touted as a future WHC or WWE Champion by JR and many others, it looked like he had the world at his feet. Now he’s the brink of not even appearing at Wrestlemania, his best hope is that he’s going to play some supporting role in a Divas match, now that there’s something bubbling between The Bella’s and Kaitlyn.

Randy Orton & Sheamus def. 3MB

Looks like we could be on the verge of yet another face turn with Big Show. Whether he does or he doesn’t he needs to change something as he is so stale. I like to get behind all of the heels but even I’m struggling to summon the blind optimism to get behind the ‘Worlds Largest Athlete’

As good a team, and a roll they’ve been on as of late it’s still hard to see them being given the win over two of the company biggest faces in the form of Sheamus and Orton. However, the friction between them could be the reason they end up victorious. Especially, as an Orton heel turn has been on the cards for a while now, it would a great excuse to go ahead with it.

Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston

It’s a relief that they will actually having the Tag Team Titles defended at this years Wrestlemania now it was announced after the match that Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston will take Team Hell No at Wrestlemania. All too many times these belts have over looked on the grandest stage of them all and this year more than ever they deserve to be on the the card. I would have rather seen an established tag team get the shot but this a start.

Wade Barrett def. The Miz & Chris Jericho

Easily the best match of the night, but then again there wasn’t much competition for that honour. Lots of great back and forth action, although it did seem that at some pre-planned spots that they weren’t exactly subtle in that they were waiting for their opponent to catch up.

Hopefully this just the beginning and we’ll see these three lock-up one more time at Wrestlemania, as these three have the potential to put on an even better match I’m sure.

Triple H v Brock Lesnar Contract Signing

After all the hype and intrigue surrounding the stipulation for their match at Wrestlemania, this has to be one of the most underwhelming announcements ever. Basically, if Triple loses, he has to retire. This is a who is already semi-retired, self-imposed and fully retired on-screen. What does Triple H really have to lose here?

What makes even worse is that some of the stipulations Heyman teased beforehand, where better, albeit nonsensical, than the one we’ve ended up with. I’d have thought that Heyman would have wanted control over Raw or even better Triple H’s position as C.O.O. that would have had much more gravitas.


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