Richie Steamboat

Thanks to his famous father, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat, Richie needs very little introduction. He has a lot to live up to course, especially as he’s using the ‘Steamboat’ name, lets see whether he has what it takes to do just that.

Being the son of a Hall of Famer of course means he’ll be ahead of his peers as he will have grown up around wrestling as early as he can remember. During which he instinctively picked up the in and outs of what it takes to make it in this industry.

Richie won four state titles and two national titles in amateur wrestling, and was a member of the Ohio All-Star team. This amateur background bodes well for him as many top stars in WWE have benefited from this having this as the basis of their style. Wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and others all started their careers in amateur wrestling.

What I also like about Richie is that many young wrestlers are happy stay in America and work for the Indy promotions, Richie has also been all over the world honing his craft in the likes of Japan, Puerto Rico and Europe. It reminds me of the days before WWE bought WCW in which wrestlers like Jericho, Benoit Regal, would spend big parts of their gaining experience they could abroad, perfecting their style before coming back to America.

Despite being 4 inches taller than his dad at 6ft 2in he is a bit lighter than ‘The Dragon’ so he is able to adopt the high flying style of his father. However, he has developed his own moveset, which although are pretty standard aerial maneuvers are hopefully the basis of something more impressive in the future.

My main worry for Richie isn’t in the ring. At the moment it is that he seems to be living far too much through his father. I’ve seem him at matches, which is sweet and what you would expect from a parent. But their not normally as famous as Ricky and having a camera pointed on him during a match only serves to remind us of the task he has of living up to his fathers ability.

He has not just adopted the ‘Steamboat’ name but also a couple of moves from his dads moveset. Although these are his formative years and there is still time to develop his own style, this for me is a bad move. There are over very few second/third generation wrestlers that can pull off taking gathered name and fight off the pressure that comes with it. Cody Rhodes is one but has had many different gimmicks to help him differentiate between him and Dusty.

Some of his contemporaries in the same boat have had the better idea of carving their own legacy by taking a different name, like Michael McGillicutty, son of Curt Hennig, and Jake Carter, son of Vader. No one would know of this unless you were told, so they can go out and wrestle without that weight on their shoulders.

Others haven’t had the same luck like Ted DiBiase Jr, who not only has exactly the same first name as his dad but got stuck with the Million Dollar Belt and basically a younger version of his fathers gimmick. Problem was we’ve already seen that gimmick done, and better.

It’s still early days and at only 25 hes got much more to learn. There’s clearly a fire inside him, with it he may become as big as ‘The Dragon’ himself.


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