Does The Rock really care about WWE?

Since leaving the WWE The Rock has appeared in, and been panned by critics in films such as The Tooth Fairy, Be Cool, The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain, Doom, the list goes on. Something needed to be done to help his faltering career. Hence a return to wrestling and his millions, and millions of fans seemed like the logical resolution.

It was after his return to WWE at Wrestlemania 27 that his acting took a turn for the better. He has had some success with The Other Guys, Fast Five and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The last two he has been rewarded with a role in the next movie in each respective franchise. It doesn’t stop there. He has also won the right to play the lucrative role of Hercules in a movie of the same name.

It’s for these reasons that his sudden return to WWE seems more like a PR exercise to win back the fans that he had during his original run in WWE. The very fans who were disgruntled when left the company shortly after his role in The Scorpion King. This in turn will hopefully help his acting career by encouraging them to go to see him in his next movie.

Furthermore, since he has the won the WWE Championship he has very rarely been seen with title on the red carpet. Only in Seoul, Korea has he been pictured with the belt. You would have have thought that had he not been contracted to appear on Raw that week, the least he could have done was to wear a bit of synthetic leather on his shoulder for even a couple of minutes while the paparazzi get their shots.

In one interview I saw him do recently, he responded to a interviewers question by saying “when I was wrestling’. A year ago this would have been okay as a part time wrestler, but now he is WWE Champion this just insulting to WWE and everyone who works for the company. This is the man who is supposed to be representing the company and his response suggested that he is too embarrassed to admit that he associated with WWE.

He has had no trouble in making the premieres of his solo projects, but when he was scheduled to appear on The Today Show to promote Wrestlemania 29, he mysteriously no-showed the event without good reason.

I’m not doubting that The Rock doesn’t enjoy being back in the ring. But the fact that he’s so obsessed with this cheesy idea of a ‘connection’ with the audience he has. Also, the fact he will only compete at PPV’s suggests to me that he views wrestling itself as a chore. Something that has to be do be rather than relishing the opportunity.

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I graduated form Sheffield Hallam University with 2.1 in Journalism Studies in 2010. I am mainly interested in writing about sports with my favourite sport being football(soccer). I have watched wrestling religiously since I was about 8-9 years old. My favourite match of all time is Austin vs The Rock at Wrestlemania 17.

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