WWE Raw Breakdown & Results – April 8, 2013

Big E Langston def. Daniel Bryan

Hopefully this is start of seeing more of Big E competing on Raw. As a monster heel it is always obvious that they are going to be undefeated for a while so the result was never in doubt. They went one further in this match as Bryan only got in one bit of offence with some kicks to demonstrate Langston’s dominance. Bryan saved some face though as he only lost after interference from Dolph Ziggler and AJ.

Wade Barrett def. The Miz for the Intercontinental Title

To most people watching this show probably didn’t even know that Barrett had even lost the title, given that their match at Wrestlemania was bumped down to the pre-show.

As well as the decent back and forth action between the two, I guess it does add to the unpredictability of the IC division as I would have betted everything I had that The Miz would we in before the match started.

Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter

Obviously this match was just a set-up for what was about to happen. Swagger spent the majority of the match working on Del Rio’s injured ankle. I don’t know whether this is the last chapter of this feud but it looks like Swagger mat have had the last laugh.

Dolph Ziggler def. Alberto Del Rio for WHC

The moment we had all being waiting for, Ziggler finally cashing in hi us Money in the Bank contract. It was a bit obvious that this was his moment as they focused on Del Rio’s leg injury just long enough for it to be plausible for Ziggler to get up and make his way to the ring.

Great to see them have Del Rio put up some resistance, just enough to make you think he could mess it up. Helps break up the predictability of someone beating an injured man when cashing in and defeating them with no effort at all.

Undertaker segment

Taker’ comes out to dedicate his victory over CM Punk to Paul Bearer. However, he is interrupted by The Shield who surround Undertaker. Luckily, Kane’s pyro goes off and Team Hell No come out to even the odds, and The Shield back off.

Interestingly, one of the commentators says that he’d like to see these six fight. I don’t know whether their serious but it would unusual and unexpected for Undertaker to have more than one match a year.

Santino Marella, R-Truth and Zack Ryder vs. 3MB

Poor 3MB, they can’t ever get a win over another team of jobbers that have been thrown together at random. It doesn’t make any sense because they are three very talented wrestlers that deserve better.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

This was the match in which the crowd became centre stage and the most entertaining thing on the show. Chants of Mike Chioda, RVD, ECW, JBL, Jerry and even Michael Cole made this one of the most enjoyable especially for die hard wrestling fans.

The match itself just seemed to be going through the motions and went on for far too long. To the the point I point the Big Show was ordered to go out just to end it all. He did so by attacking both participants, especially Orton. The whole segment felt like it was being made up as they went along with little direction.

Fandango def. Kofi Kingston

As the match gets started the fans start to resemble those at a Darts event. Raising their arms in the air and humming Fandango’s theme music.

About a minute into the match their is a massive pop as Jericho rushes to the ring to attack Fandango as revenge for his loss at Mania. He gives him the Walls of Jericho and the Codebreaker, leaving Fandango laying in the ring. As Roberts announces him as thge victor, he corrects him by pronouncing his name correctly. The crowd responds by humming his theme song again. Great scenes, lots of fun.

Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella’s def. Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls

I was initially disappointed not to see Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes not get their opportunity to perform at Wrestlemania, they certainly deserved it. However, if this is what they planned they better off having their focus on more matches on Sunday.

Highlight of the match was hearing the fans continue humming Fandango’s theme music.

John Cena def. Mark Henry by Count Out

There’s some back and forth action before the fight goes outside the ring. Cena whips Henry into the ring post and he fails to get back in the ring before the ten count. We’ve seen Henry get out of far worse situations than this and makes him just seem weak. An abrupt finish that seemed rushed to make up for other segments that may have over-ran.

Luckily, this great episode of Raw didn’t end on a flat note, as Ryback comes out to save Cena from a beat down from Henry. He does so, but then turns on Cena by delivering a shellshock to the Champion. This is a much needed and plausible change of attitude from Ryback as he needs to be more aggressive and selfish to help him actually win the big matches for once.


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