Bret Hart discusses Wrestlemania 29, Dean Ambrose and that Rock Bottom Meme

– WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart recently spoke with and answered several fan questions. Here are somehighlights:

His experience at WrestleMania this year:
“I really enjoyed it. The most fun for me was seeing a lot of the legends and the old names and faces that I’ve known for so many years — Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper and those kinds of guys. I was really quite impressed with seeing the great Bruno Sammartino and hearing his induction speech. To hear his struggle through his childhood with the Nazis — I never knew a lot of that stuff about Bruno. So I was quite touched by him. I got to run into him two or three times over that week, and he was really impressive to me.”

The WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view:
“I thought parts of it were really good. But parts of it I thought were, for me, very predictable. I kind of predicted things in my head and certain matches went exactly as I thought they would. But the one match I thought was outstanding was the Punk-Undertaker match. That was truly exceptional. They really had a great match — they couldn’t have done a better job with taking two different guys from two different eras and fusing them together to create the match that they got.”

His favourites on the WWE roster:
“Right now I’m very impressed with Punk. And I’m very impressed with the one guy in The Shield— what’s his name O’Connell, O’Donnell? — Ambrose, that’s it. He’s really good. He’s got it down. He’s such a first-rate thinker on his feet when it comes to his timing, his expressions, his quickness, his deviousness. I love his deviousness! I saw him this past weekend and told him I thought he was great.”

Thoughts on a meme showing him giving The Rock’s Rock Bottom to John Cena on the go-home RAW a 4/10:
“I haven’t seen it, but it might be closer to the truth than people think. I don’t know if my look was on purpose. Sometimes I make funny expressions on my own that make me laugh. When there are people snapping pictures from every angle, it’s hard to know how you’ll look. But personally, I thought when he did the big move on(Cena), he kind of flubbed it up. He didn’t do it very well. It was like a four out of 10! They seemed to trip with their toes. They didn’t really get positioned right at all. They kind of tripped over each other. It’s hard to say who tripped over who, but I thought somebody flubbed it. Maybe Rock flubbed it. Yeah, I would say four out of 10. Four may be generous.


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