WWE Raw Breakdown & Results – April 15th

Randy Orton and Sheamus def. Big Show

Hard to see where exactly this storyline is going, presumably towards a triple threat match at Extreme Rules. Whatever happens at the end of this feud I, and probably Orton himself will hope that it results in his overdue heel turn.

3MB & Brock Lesnar Segment

Just when you thought they may actually be doing something with the genuinely talented 3MB, although it turned out it was just an opportunity to demonstrate just how destructive Brock Lesnar can be after his loss to Triple H. It also seems that this isn’t the end to the feud between him and HHH. This was a little disappointing as we’ve already seen these two fight it out twice, with Lesnar only on another year long contract and will only fight maybe another three times by Wrestlemania 30 it rules out many other exciting opponents he could face.

WWE United States Title Match – Kofi Kingston def. Antonio Cesaro

Considering just how long Cesaro’s title reign had lasted it was a shame that he didn’t get the credit he deserved for giving the Intercontinental title creditability again. I only hope that they have the patience to actually continue with Kingston’s push this time rather than give up after several weeks like his last few pushes.

Team Hell No def. Prime Time Players

No surprises here as Kane and Daniel Bryan pick up a quick win. As much a i like the fact we have another long title reign going on here which increases the importance of the title. I do feel that maybe it is time that this tag team came to an end. Daniel Bryan is better off used as a singles wrestler challenging for either the WHC or WWE title and Kane is betrer off as a sadistic heel.

R-Truth def. Wade Barrett

This one certainly seemed to take everyone by surprise. I had Barrett down for an easy victory seen as they had done nothing with R-Truth since his return from injury. While I have nothing wrong with them pushing R-Truth, if that is what they’re planning on doing. It’s just that they made Barrett look pretty weak, to be beaten so suddenly and quickly. Hopefully, as a Brit he will get his redemption next week in London.

Team Rhodes Scholars def. The Great Khali and Santino Marella

For those who didn’t watch the WWE App, it was revealed that Sandow bet Rhodes that he could take any wrestler and make them a civilized human being by the Summer.The match itself was pretty straightforward and we’ll have to see next week how this story will develop on TV.

Jack Swagger def. Dolph Ziggler

Unless it’s Super Cena this seems to be the case with new villainous champions. They’re depicted as being beatable, vulnerable champions. It happened with  Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, and now it’s happening with Ziggler now that he’s already lost as champion to Swagger. I can understand why they’re going down this route, seen as he only won the title by beating an injured champion and isn’t the biggest competitor WWE has ever had.

Despite the fact that Swagger gave Del Rio another Patriot Lock earlier on in the night, it was announced later on that Ziggler would defend his title at Extreme Rules against Swagger and Del Rio. Interesting to note that TEddy Long made this decision by going over Booker T’s head, and going by his reaction later on in the night it seems that Booker’s heel turn maybe on the cards.Something that would be welcome now that ‘Team Brickie’ seem to be neutral, if they actually mange to get on screen at all.

Nikki Bella def. Kaitlyn (Brie got the pin)

Seen as The Bella ‘Twins’ came back back to get that big pay bonus at Wrestlemania, but missed due to time constraints, I imagine they weren’t too happy. So put one of them into the title picture, and knowing WWE they’ll go with the one with bigger boobs. Brie may have got the pin but Niki got the ring-time. The commentators may laugh but Nikki’s boob job has ruined the only unique selling point The Bella’s had. It may help Nikki’s career but blatantly obvious which is which now.

John Cena, Ryback & The Shield Segment

Earlier on we saw Ryback explain his actions last week in a video package which was incredibly similar to the one TNA put together for Bully Ray to explain how he brought in the Aces & 8’s with all the clips from the past year. Although not as good as the TNA video package it was actually very convincing and i believed why Ryback would have a grudge against Cena.

Although it’s hard to see what exactly John Cena had done wrong to deserve an a ‘surprise’ attack from The Shield. I say ‘surprise’ because before The Shield were due to come out we accidentally saw a shot of them preparing a the top of the arena. It did serve a purpose though as we now know that Ryback isn’t just a ambitious competitor but a full blown heel.


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