This Day In Wrestling History – April 21st


1973 – Giant Baba wins the AJPW Champion’s Carnival, defeating Mark
Lewin in the final

1993 – This year’s AJPW Champion’s Carnival returned to the
single-block format. Stan Hansen defeats Mitsuharu Misawa in the final
after both men tied on 20 points

2008 – The King of the Ring tournament is held on Raw. William Regal
defeats CM Punk in the final


In 2002, WWF Backlash was held in Kansas City, Missouri. This
was the first PPV following the Brand Extension, but remained a
dual-brand show

– Tajiri defeats Billy Kidman to win the WWF Cruiserweight Title
– Jazz defeats Trish Stratus to retain the WWF Womens Title
– Eddie Guerrero defeats Rob Van Dam to win the WWF Intercontinental
– The Undertaker defeats Steve Austin with Ric Flair as special guest
– Billy & Chuck defeat Maven & Al Snow to retain the WWF Tag Team
– Hollywood Hogan defeats Triple H to win the WWF Undisputed Title

Title Changes

1967 – The Assassins (1 & 2) defeat The Red Raiders (Dick Dunn & Billy
Garrett) to win the vacant TSW United States Tag Team Titles

1979 – Mike George defeats Jerry Stubbs to win the TSW Louisiana Title.
This would be the final reign before MSWA took control of the title

1980 – Ken Patera defeats Pat Patterson to win the WWF Intercontinental

1982 – Bruiser Brody defeats Dory Funk Jr to win the NWA International
Heavyweight Title

1984 – Ricky Steamboat defeats Dick Slater to win the NWA United States

1994 – Ric Flair defeats Ricky Steamboat to win the vacant WCW World

2004 – AJ Styles defeats Jeff Jarrett in a Cage Match to win the NWA
World Title


Happy birthday to one-time WWF Tag Team Champion Ed ‘Brutus
Beefcake’ Leslie
 (56), 6-time TNA X-Division Champion Jay
 (28), one-time WWE United States Champion Orlando
 (39), former ECW wrestler Axl Rotten (42), Dragon
Gate regular KAGETORA (31) and NWA Hall of Famer Angelo

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