WWE Raw Preview – April 29, 2013

1. Can The Shield be stopped?

There’s perhaps nothing more shocking than watching The Undertaker take a beating. When is the last time the WWE Universe witnessed The Phenom thoroughly dismantled like The Shield did at the close of SmackDown? And on last week’s Raw, the “Hounds of Justice” scored a win over Undertaker & Team Hell No in a Six-Man Tag Match. Certainly, the Raw roster will be on high alert for what the brazen young Superstars are planning next.

2. A new Divas Champion on the horizon?

It’s official. After winning a Battle Royal on last week’s Raw, AJ Lee is the No. 1 contender to Divas Champion Kaitlyn. Since capturing the Divas Title on the 20th anniversary of Raw, Kaitlyn defended her title against the formidable Tamina Snuka at Elimination Chamber, but has not faced a serious threat to her reign since. Certainly, AJ would like nothing more than to bring home the Divas Title and celebrate with her World Heavyweight Champion boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler.

3. No love lost between Ziggler, Swagger and Del Rio

The animosity between World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio continues to heat up. Adding fuel to the fire is Zeb Colter, who recently inserted himself in the action when he fed Swagger a Kendo stick to initiate a brutal assault on Del Rio on SmackDown. As their Triple Threat Match at Extreme Rules approaches, will the viciousness only escalate among this trio?

4. “Fandangoing” through Europe

Fandango enjoyed a big week overseas, capturing victories over veteran Superstar William Regal on Raw and Justin Gabriel on SmackDown. His Raw win was marred by Chris Jericho, though, who attacked from behind on the entrance ramp and proceeded to tango with Fandango’s lovely dance partner. With Y2J one up, what will Fandango’s next move be?

5. How severe is Cena’s injury?

WWE Champion John Cena

WWE Champion John Cena and Ryback can’t seem to wait until their match at Extreme Rules to get their hands on each other. Last week, the WWE Champion closed out Raw in dramatic fashion by fending off The Shield and decimating Ryback with an Attitude Adjustment. And during WWE European tour, The Champ was injured. What will unfold as Raw heads into Columbus, Ohio? Tune in Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network.

Taken from WWE.com

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