WWE Raw Preview – May 27, 2013

1. Call the ambulance!

WWE Champion John Cena refused medical attention following his vicious Last Man Standing Match against Ryback at Extreme Rules, though he may not have that option at WWE Payback when he faces the “Human Wrecking Ball” in an Ambulance Match.

In a contest where the objective is nothing less than to send your opponent stretchered out in a mobile medical vehicle, the already shaken Cena has a very tough challenge against the rampaging Ryback as is. Cena has triumphed in these contests before, but with Ryback so close to his goal of the WWE Title, The Champ will have his work cut out for him in a big way.

2. Gold Shield

One down, two to go: After Dean Ambrose’s United States Championship defense against Kofi Kingston succumbed to chaos and became a Teddy Long-mandated Tag Team Match, at least one of The Shield’s new titles is safe for the time being. The only Superstars yet to claim their rematch clause against the “Hounds of Justice” are the former WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No, and with Daniel Bryan hitting a new high point, the time might be ripe for them to make a move on The Shield. There is, however, one problem …

3. Weakness leaving the body

Daniel Bryan has been in a bit of a bad mood since suffering the pinfall that cost Team Hell No the WWE Tag Team Titles at Extreme Rules. In fact, he has all but flown completely off the handle trying to show the WWE Universe – and Kane – that he’s not the “weak link” in the celebrated duo. Bryan nearly hospitalized Seth Rollins in the Six-Man Tag Team classic on Raw last Monday, and his anger forced the official to reverse his tapout defeat of Jack Swagger on SmackDown when Bryan refused to release the “Real American” from the “No!” Lock. Bryan has more than proven he can hold his own in Team Hell No’s ranks, but how long before his bearded ballistics come back to haunt the tandem?

4. A “perfect” future

Paul Heyman has always been a wrestling purist, and now he has his claws into the first third-generation Superstar of his esteemed stable. A progeny of no less than Mr. Perfect himself, Curtis Axel is now poised to reignite his family’s legacy in the mad scientist’s name.

Although the young gun comes from relative anonymity, Heyman’s presence instantly guarantees him plenty of opportunities. Axel has already made the most of two such openings, controversially defeating Triple H last week on Raw and decisively decimating Sin Cara on SmackDown. How will Heyman keep Axel’s wheels turning when he returns to Raw a week after conquering The Game? Perhaps the scheming manager’s appearance on Chris Jericho’s “Highlight Reel” will provide insight.

5. The Best There Is, The Best There Was …

Raw is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on Monday night, so that means only one thing: Bret “Hit Man” Hart is coming to town! And immediately after Raw goes off the air, WWE will present “Bret Hart Appreciation Night,”  a first-time-ever Raw Post-Show — exclusively on the WWE App. As to what, exactly, the WWE Hall of Famer has planned for his hometown crowd is a mystery.

Things tend to get interesting, however, any time the “Hit Man” sets his sights on WWE, so download the WWE App today and be a part of the celebration after Raw’s conclusion Monday night.

Taken from WWE.com


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