Raw 3/6/13 – The Good & The Bad

Good – The Uso’s Win a Match

After a resurgence last year the tag team has suddenly gone off the boil again. Typical of WWE to be high on someone or something and then suddenly lose all interest in it before seeing it through. However, with the sudden reappearance and repackaging of The Uso’s and their victory over The Prime Time Players, who it was also great to see back in tag team action suggests that they may be getting a push. There have been rumours that could even lead to a title shot against Reigns and Rollins.

Bad – Hurry Back Ziggler!

The ‘Show Off’ has only been away for about two weeks now, but in what seems like a way of killing time before he returns we have seen Del Rio vs Langston five times now. There’s nothing that this rivalry is building to and has no reason behind it so it’s hard to emotionally involved when it came down to this rubber match. The only subtle storyline bubbling i the friction between AJ and Big E after he lost last Monday, no doubt the returning Ziggler will come back smooth everything out when he come back.

Good – Pushing the New Generation

Wrestlemania season has been and gone so now have most of the part-timers. So now it’s finally time for the youth to be given a try. This was certainly the cast on Monday as The Uso’s, PTP, Rhodes Scholars, Fandango, Curtis Axel, Wyatt Family Promo, Daniel Bryan. In fact the majority of the entire nights card was full of young talent, more of the same and the WWE will be in a great position going forward.

Bad – Poisoned Chalice?

Now I know these younger talents can’t win every week but the least you can do is not make them look weak. If you are going to push these wrestlers don’t have them run away from useless figures like The Great Khali and only win on technicalities like Axel.

Good – Bryan is on Fire

I am really liking this new agenda of Bryan’s to need to prove himself, not that he needs to. It has given him a new lease of life and an extra edge that has made him even more exciting to watch in the ring. Not just that but he is probably the most reliable and consistent performer on the roster.

I wonder whether this is the beginning of a singles run as the issues between Kane and himself have arisen once again. Whether he will be a heel or face is yet to be seen but seen as he is embracing the ‘Yes’ chants again it could be the latter.


Overall, this was very strong episode of Raw that showcased a lot of the talent that will take this company into a new generation. Maybe I enjoyed this weeks episode so much because the past few weeks shows have been so unmemorable that my standards have dropped.


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