WWE Raw Preview – July 29th, 2013

1. WWE Champion John Cena vs. Ryback (Tables Match)

Daniel Bryan was pushed to his very limits last week in a series of three brutal bouts, culminating in Ryback putting the war-torn No. 1 contender through a table. But when Ryback was poised to inflict more punishment, WWE Champion John Cena charged in to protect the wellbeing of his SummerSlam challenger. After The Champ drove Ryback from ringside, he called for a Tables Match between the two. With the bout set to take place this Monday on Raw, which titan will prevail by smashing the other through a table?

2. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

Last week, Mr. McMahon grilled Brad Maddox about whom Daniel Bryan should face next to bring out his “vicious side.” The Chairman suggested Bryan’s opponent be someone bigger and stronger than him. As Maddox pondered his options, he settled on Kane as Bryan’s next opponent, which drew immediate approval from the boss. What will unfold when the two former WWE Tag Team Champion partners collide this week on Raw?

3. Rob Van Dam vs. Fandango

Since his recent return to WWE, the high-flying Rob Van Dam has taken down the likes of nine-time Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho and former Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. But Van Dam’s red hot streak came to an end on SmackDown when World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio got a questionable win after seemingly giving up in the bout. Will Mr. Monday Night rebound with a win over Fandango?

4. Kaitlyn vs. Divas Champion AJ Lee

AJ vs. Kaitlyn

The bitter feelings continue to persist between former Divas Champion Kaitlyn and reigning champion AJ Lee. Now that Dolph Ziggler has dumped AJ, the scorned Diva has been more emotional than ever. During AJ’s “state of her mind” address on SmackDown, the two came to blows. What will unfold when the former best friends go one-on-one for the first time since Money in the Bank?

Christian continued his winning ways by taking down Titus O’Neil last week on Raw, while World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio managed a win over Rob Van Dam on SmackDown. Will Captain Charisma capitalize on his wave of momentum and score an upset over the World Heavyweight Champion? When will we learn who Del Rio will defend his World Title against at SummerSlam?

Mark Henry & The Usos vs. The Shield
And in a bid to perhaps impress Mr. McMahon and company, Maddox has planned yet a sixth high-caliber match! It will be Mark Henry & The Usos vs. The Shield! After taking down The World’s Strongest Man with a triple powerbomb, The Shield have been in Henry’s sights. What will unfold when they go to war on Raw?

As the road to SummerSlam heats up, tune in to Monday Night Raw at 8/7 CT on USA Network.


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