SPOILERS: Smackdown Results – August 9th

WWE taped this week’s WWE SmackDown episode from the BMO Harris Bank Center in Rockford, Illinois. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers and results.

Dark Match

* Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro defeated Brodus Clay and Sweet T.

WWE SmackDown

* Randy Orton defeated Rob Van Dam. Both guys seemed to be equally over as babyfaces with the crowd. In the end, the finish came when Orton hit RVD with the RKO for the pin.Orton was in control of the offense for the majority of the match. RVD missed a Five Star Frogsplash attempt and Orton came right back with a RKO. Was said to be a pretty good match, and went just under 13 minutes.

* MizTV with Big E. Langston and AJ Lee was up next. As the two were being interviewed, Dolph Ziggler came out to interrupt them. After that, Kaitlyn came out to interrupt as well. Due to the fact that he is the host of SummerSlam this year, The Miz decided to book a match. Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn in a mixed-tag match against Big E. Langston and AJ Lee is announced for SummerSlam. This led to Langston and Lee attacking Ziggler and Kaitlyn. In the end, Ziggler and Kaitlyn made a comeback and hit their respective finishers on the heels to leave them laying. That wrapped up the MizTV segment for this week.

* Fandango defeated Kofi Kingston. Kingston received a pretty impressive pop from the fans in Rockford. In the end, the finish came when Fandango hit his sweet-looking leg-drop off the top rope for the clean pinfall victory in under 5 minutes.

* Daniel Bryan defeated Wade Barrett. Following Monday’s RAW, Barrett is now clean shaven. Decent match, but it was kept relatively short. Maybe five minutes. In the end, the finish came when Bryan forced Barrett to tap out with the “No! Lock” for the victory.

* Kane defeated 3MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) in a 3-On-1 Handicap Match. Crowd was all over 3MB, boo’ing the hell out of them from the get-go. Kane defeated all three members of 3MB in a 3-on-1 handicap match in just over one minute. The finish came when Kane chokeslammed Mahal for the clean pinfall victory. After the match, The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper) appeared on the titantron. Bray Wyatt cut a promo about their Ring of Fire match at SummerSlam.

* Christian defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Non-Title match. This was the longest match of the night thus far, just under 20 minutes. In the end, the finish came when Christian rolled Del Rio up for the pin. Was said to be a really excellent match. After the match, Christian left Del Rio in the ring and walked to the back.

Damien Sandow hit the ring with his briefcase in hand. Before the bell could ring to make the match official, Cody Rhodes charged the ring and attacked Sandow. Rhodes leaping off the top rope and hit him with a flying body press. No briefcase cash-in, just the first of what will probably be several teases.


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