WWE Raw Results – August 12th, 2013

Randy Orton def. Damien Sandow

I would have thought by now with the central part of this storyline being the Money In The Bank briefcase, that it would have been put on the line by now. Looks like this is more of a vehicle to increase Rhodes stock as a face and Sandow’s new, more vicious style that will stab his friends in the back to further his career.

The Great Khali & Natalya def. Big E Langston & AJ Lee

With Kaitlyn and Ziggler on an unstoppable role as of late, what you would hope is that their Summerslam opponents would also be made to look competitive. Unfortunately, they were made to lose to probably the least talented guy within WWE & the most ill-used Diva in the company, twice.

I guess everyone makes mistakes and I hope this doesn’t hamper this young referees career.

Vince McMahon & Brad Maddox Segment

First of all, it seems very unfair that Brad Maddox has to explain his misdemeanors, especially after the performance of the ref in the previous match.

Why does this match need to have a special guest referee? Their worried apparently that Brad Maddox won’t call the match down the middle, well how about every referee on the WWE roster, who are are completely impartial. I really like the McMahon’s but do they they have to get themselves involved in what promises to be a great wrestling match with a stupid stipulation.

Kane def. Titus O’Neil

O’Neil claimed on Twitter the other day that he would be WWE Champion one day. While there’s is every possibility of that still happening, not many top stars start out being a jobber for so long and deserved run with tag titles with PTP didn’t materialise.

Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston’s return to the ring has been typically uninspiring as he usually is. According to Michael Cole his idea of innovation since he’s been gone has been to get new wrestling attire.

Once again I’m finding it hard to get myself excited for another PPV match involving Del Rio. Whether he’s face or heel its just not worked for me and no matter how hard I try he just bores me. The thing of interest is the way they’re advertising this as if it may very well be Christian’s final Title shot, and may be retiring soon.

MizTV with Cena & Bryan

Cena comes out and spouts his usual vomit inducing rubbish about bring loyal to the WWE universe. He moans about Bryan complaining that he doesn’t get any respect, but by pandering to the fans as usual and kissing their asses all the time he is just doing the same thing as Bryan. He might as well just come to the ring and scream “LOVE ME!”

The Miz likely showed exactly what his role at Summerslam will consist of, appearing occasionally and not actually making impact on the show.

Also, we shouldn’t really get to bothered about who runs this match at Summerslam because Randy Orton is heavily implying that he cash in straight after. I highly doubt he actually will. But why would WWE showcase one of its top faces as being a liar? Hopefully this is the start of Orton’s long overdue heel turn.

Fandango vs. R-Truth

Yet again Fandango was made to look weak by running out in his opponent. No doubt this will lead to an underbilled match at Summerslam, but we all know that the former Johnny Curtis is capable of a lot better than these constant bail outs.

Battle Royal for No.1 Contendership for US Title, Winner Rob Van Dam

No surprises here as the three most heavily advertised competitors in the match managed to make it down to the final three. With Dean Ambrose being a heel it was obvious that Ryback didn’t stand much of a chance here. Given that a Rob Van Dam return doesn’t usually last very long it was no surprise that WWE were going to milk it while they can by giving him a US Title shot.

CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman

Unsurprisingly this match never happened, I know, big shock. Heyman explained that it was all a trap to have he and Lesnar beat up Punk 2-1. Defeating the object by announcing that before the match had started, so it was no surprise that Punk was able to counter the trap by sneaking in the back way and levelling Lesnar with a camera.

CM Punk still wasn’t able to get his hands on Heyman. You’ll have to pay to see that of course, WWE aren’t stupid. After Punk wins then you’ll get to see Heyman get his comeuppance.


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