On This Day in Wrestling – 20th September


1999 – The Monday Night War continued: WWF Monday Night Raw defeated WCW Monday Nitro: 6.1 to 3.1 in the ratings

2004 – Christy Hemme won the 1st televised (2nd overall) WWE Diva Search. Other participants included Amy Weber, Carmella DeCesare, Joy Giovanni, Michelle McCool, Tracie Wright, & Maria Kanellis

2006 – WWE announced the following: “WWE has come to terms on the release of Boogeyman (Marty Wright) as of today 9/20/06. We wish Marty the best in all future endeavors.”  The reasoning was that WWE didn’t feel Boogey was working hard in rehabbing from injuries that had sidelined him, as he had missed several doctor’s appointments.  However, WWE would rehire him less than a month later, reportedly at the behest of Booker T, who brought Boogeyman to his wrestling school where he saw that Boogey was dedicated to returning to the ring.  He would later be released again

Title Changes

1957 – Ivan The Terrible & Nikita Zolotoff defeated Pepper Gomez & El Medico to win the NWA Texas Tag Team Title in Houston, Texas

1975 – Ric Flair defeated Wahoo McDaniel to win the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title in Hampton, Virginia

1978 – Jose Lothario defeated Assassin #1 to win the TSW Louisiana Title

1981 – Big John Studd defeated Angelo Mosca to win the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title in Toronto, Ontario

1985 – The Von Erichs (Kerry & Kevin) defeated The Dynamic Duo (Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams) to win the vacant WCCW American Tag Team Titles

1987 – Hurricane Castillo Jr. defeated Gran Mendoza to win the WWC World Junior Heavyweight Title in San Juan, Puerto Rico . On the same show, Carlos Colon defeated Hercules Ayala to win the WWC Universal Heavyweight Title

1989 – Masa Saito & Shinya Hashimoto defeated Riki Choshu & Takayuki Iizuka to win the IWGP Tag Team Titles

1993 – Shinya Hashimoto defeated The Great Muta to win the IWGP Heavyweight Title

1993 – Jerry Lawler defeated Tatanka to win the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title

1997 – Devil Masami defeated Zero to win the vacant WCW Women’s Title. Also, Sugar Sato defeated Yoshiko Tamura to win the vacant WCW Women’s Cruiserweight Title

1997 – The Gangstanators (New Jack & Kronus) defeated The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray & D-Von) to win the ECW Tag Team Titles

1999 – on Raw, Mr McMahon vacated the WWF Title. Also, The Rock n Sock Connection (The Rock & Mankind) defeated The Unholy Alliance (The Undertaker & The Big Show) in a Dark Side Rules Match to win the WWF Tag Team Titles

2003 – The Backseat Boyz (Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid) won a Gauntlet Match to win the vacant ROH Tag Team Titles

2007 – D’Lo Brown & Buchanan won a 4-team Round Robin Tournament to win the GHC Tag Team Titles

2008 – Adam Pearce defeated Brent Albright to win the NWA World Title


Happy birthday to WWE Hall of Famers Arn Anderson (56), Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (63), 5-time WW(W)F Tag Team Champion Tony Garea (68), 6-time WWA Women’s Champion Megumi Kudo (44) and former ECW personality Joel Gertner (39)

Today also would have been the birthday of 2-time AWA Light Heavyweight Champion Mike Graham (63)


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