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WWE Raw Results – August 12th, 2013

Randy Orton def. Damien Sandow

I would have thought by now with the central part of this storyline being the Money In The Bank briefcase, that it would have been put on the line by now. Looks like this is more of a vehicle to increase Rhodes stock as a face and Sandow’s new, more vicious style that will stab his friends in the back to further his career.

The Great Khali & Natalya def. Big E Langston & AJ Lee

With Kaitlyn and Ziggler on an unstoppable role as of late, what you would hope is that their Summerslam opponents would also be made to look competitive. Unfortunately, they were made to lose to probably the least talented guy within WWE & the most ill-used Diva in the company, twice.

I guess everyone makes mistakes and I hope this doesn’t hamper this young referees career.

Vince McMahon & Brad Maddox Segment

First of all, it seems very unfair that Brad Maddox has to explain his misdemeanors, especially after the performance of the ref in the previous match.

Why does this match need to have a special guest referee? Their worried apparently that Brad Maddox won’t call the match down the middle, well how about every referee on the WWE roster, who are are completely impartial. I really like the McMahon’s but do they they have to get themselves involved in what promises to be a great wrestling match with a stupid stipulation.

Kane def. Titus O’Neil

O’Neil claimed on Twitter the other day that he would be WWE Champion one day. While there’s is every possibility of that still happening, not many top stars start out being a jobber for so long and deserved run with tag titles with PTP didn’t materialise.

Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston’s return to the ring has been typically uninspiring as he usually is. According to Michael Cole his idea of innovation since he’s been gone has been to get new wrestling attire.

Once again I’m finding it hard to get myself excited for another PPV match involving Del Rio. Whether he’s face or heel its just not worked for me and no matter how hard I try he just bores me. The thing of interest is the way they’re advertising this as if it may very well be Christian’s final Title shot, and may be retiring soon.

MizTV with Cena & Bryan

Cena comes out and spouts his usual vomit inducing rubbish about bring loyal to the WWE universe. He moans about Bryan complaining that he doesn’t get any respect, but by pandering to the fans as usual and kissing their asses all the time he is just doing the same thing as Bryan. He might as well just come to the ring and scream “LOVE ME!”

The Miz likely showed exactly what his role at Summerslam will consist of, appearing occasionally and not actually making impact on the show.

Also, we shouldn’t really get to bothered about who runs this match at Summerslam because Randy Orton is heavily implying that he cash in straight after. I highly doubt he actually will. But why would WWE showcase one of its top faces as being a liar? Hopefully this is the start of Orton’s long overdue heel turn.

Fandango vs. R-Truth

Yet again Fandango was made to look weak by running out in his opponent. No doubt this will lead to an underbilled match at Summerslam, but we all know that the former Johnny Curtis is capable of a lot better than these constant bail outs.

Battle Royal for No.1 Contendership for US Title, Winner Rob Van Dam

No surprises here as the three most heavily advertised competitors in the match managed to make it down to the final three. With Dean Ambrose being a heel it was obvious that Ryback didn’t stand much of a chance here. Given that a Rob Van Dam return doesn’t usually last very long it was no surprise that WWE were going to milk it while they can by giving him a US Title shot.

CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman

Unsurprisingly this match never happened, I know, big shock. Heyman explained that it was all a trap to have he and Lesnar beat up Punk 2-1. Defeating the object by announcing that before the match had started, so it was no surprise that Punk was able to counter the trap by sneaking in the back way and levelling Lesnar with a camera.

CM Punk still wasn’t able to get his hands on Heyman. You’ll have to pay to see that of course, WWE aren’t stupid. After Punk wins then you’ll get to see Heyman get his comeuppance.


Raw 3/6/13 – The Good & The Bad

Good – The Uso’s Win a Match

After a resurgence last year the tag team has suddenly gone off the boil again. Typical of WWE to be high on someone or something and then suddenly lose all interest in it before seeing it through. However, with the sudden reappearance and repackaging of The Uso’s and their victory over The Prime Time Players, who it was also great to see back in tag team action suggests that they may be getting a push. There have been rumours that could even lead to a title shot against Reigns and Rollins.

Bad – Hurry Back Ziggler!

The ‘Show Off’ has only been away for about two weeks now, but in what seems like a way of killing time before he returns we have seen Del Rio vs Langston five times now. There’s nothing that this rivalry is building to and has no reason behind it so it’s hard to emotionally involved when it came down to this rubber match. The only subtle storyline bubbling i the friction between AJ and Big E after he lost last Monday, no doubt the returning Ziggler will come back smooth everything out when he come back.

Good – Pushing the New Generation

Wrestlemania season has been and gone so now have most of the part-timers. So now it’s finally time for the youth to be given a try. This was certainly the cast on Monday as The Uso’s, PTP, Rhodes Scholars, Fandango, Curtis Axel, Wyatt Family Promo, Daniel Bryan. In fact the majority of the entire nights card was full of young talent, more of the same and the WWE will be in a great position going forward.

Bad – Poisoned Chalice?

Now I know these younger talents can’t win every week but the least you can do is not make them look weak. If you are going to push these wrestlers don’t have them run away from useless figures like The Great Khali and only win on technicalities like Axel.

Good – Bryan is on Fire

I am really liking this new agenda of Bryan’s to need to prove himself, not that he needs to. It has given him a new lease of life and an extra edge that has made him even more exciting to watch in the ring. Not just that but he is probably the most reliable and consistent performer on the roster.

I wonder whether this is the beginning of a singles run as the issues between Kane and himself have arisen once again. Whether he will be a heel or face is yet to be seen but seen as he is embracing the ‘Yes’ chants again it could be the latter.


Overall, this was very strong episode of Raw that showcased a lot of the talent that will take this company into a new generation. Maybe I enjoyed this weeks episode so much because the past few weeks shows have been so unmemorable that my standards have dropped.

The New Extreme?

It suddenly dawned on me how unaccustomed I had become to the sight of blood when I embarrassingly said “Oh my God!” when I noticed that Jack Swagger had a little bit of blood coming from his right shoulder.

The reason I was so shocked by this was because only about seven years ago that the sight of Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair wearing the proverbial ‘Crimson Mask’ was so common and expected that you barely even noticed it.

WWE now so rarely uses matches of this nature, especially too such degree on one night that the sight of a table, a chair or a cane has become a novelty again.

The problem is for older fans is that we’ve seen all these weapons being used in far more devastating and sadistic ways thanks to the likes of ECW. So when we see foreign objectors being used in a pretty basic manner that were on Sunday, its hard to take the PPV Extreme Rules seriously when there are no boundaries being pushed .

In fact, we now live with a generation if viewers who have never seen the likes if Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Sabu or Mick Foley, the likes of which took hardcore wrestling to a whole new level. A generation of which that voted John Cena as the most extreme wrestler ever. They obviously paid no attention to the subject, matter of the poll and just saw it as popularity contest.

British Wrestler Mick McManus Passes Away

Legendary English wrestler Mick McManus died this morning at 1am, he was 93 years old.

Gaining fame in Britain and Europe as one of the most notorious heels of his generation. He regularly fought against the likes of Kendo Nagasaki and Mark Rocco, pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable in professional wrestling. In doing so he garnered the nicknames “The Man You Love to Hate”, and “Rugged South London Tough Guy”.

Frank Rimer, who runs the British Wrestlers Reunion, announced today that McManus had died in the early hours of this morning.

Rimer said: “I am deeply saddened to announce the death of the legend that was Mick McManus, who passed away at 1am this morning.

“Mick never recovered from the loss of his beloved wife Barbara and lost the will the live, despite the loving care of the nurses at the celebrity home for retired actors Brishing House where he lived out his final days.

“Even the arrival of his old friend Lord Richard Attenborough recently, failed to lift his spirits, refusing all food and drink until he quietly slipped into a coma three days ago.

“Mick was without doubt, through his own efforts, the greatest wrestling name that the UK has ever seen or will see again, and even 25 years after his retirement, he retained his aura of stardom until the end”

McManus was a one time British Middleweight Champion, two time British Welterweight Champion and a four time European Middleweight Champion. In 2012, he was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.

WWE Raw Breakdown & Results – April 15th

Randy Orton and Sheamus def. Big Show

Hard to see where exactly this storyline is going, presumably towards a triple threat match at Extreme Rules. Whatever happens at the end of this feud I, and probably Orton himself will hope that it results in his overdue heel turn.

3MB & Brock Lesnar Segment

Just when you thought they may actually be doing something with the genuinely talented 3MB, although it turned out it was just an opportunity to demonstrate just how destructive Brock Lesnar can be after his loss to Triple H. It also seems that this isn’t the end to the feud between him and HHH. This was a little disappointing as we’ve already seen these two fight it out twice, with Lesnar only on another year long contract and will only fight maybe another three times by Wrestlemania 30 it rules out many other exciting opponents he could face.

WWE United States Title Match – Kofi Kingston def. Antonio Cesaro

Considering just how long Cesaro’s title reign had lasted it was a shame that he didn’t get the credit he deserved for giving the Intercontinental title creditability again. I only hope that they have the patience to actually continue with Kingston’s push this time rather than give up after several weeks like his last few pushes.

Team Hell No def. Prime Time Players

No surprises here as Kane and Daniel Bryan pick up a quick win. As much a i like the fact we have another long title reign going on here which increases the importance of the title. I do feel that maybe it is time that this tag team came to an end. Daniel Bryan is better off used as a singles wrestler challenging for either the WHC or WWE title and Kane is betrer off as a sadistic heel.

R-Truth def. Wade Barrett

This one certainly seemed to take everyone by surprise. I had Barrett down for an easy victory seen as they had done nothing with R-Truth since his return from injury. While I have nothing wrong with them pushing R-Truth, if that is what they’re planning on doing. It’s just that they made Barrett look pretty weak, to be beaten so suddenly and quickly. Hopefully, as a Brit he will get his redemption next week in London.

Team Rhodes Scholars def. The Great Khali and Santino Marella

For those who didn’t watch the WWE App, it was revealed that Sandow bet Rhodes that he could take any wrestler and make them a civilized human being by the Summer.The match itself was pretty straightforward and we’ll have to see next week how this story will develop on TV.

Jack Swagger def. Dolph Ziggler

Unless it’s Super Cena this seems to be the case with new villainous champions. They’re depicted as being beatable, vulnerable champions. It happened with  Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, and now it’s happening with Ziggler now that he’s already lost as champion to Swagger. I can understand why they’re going down this route, seen as he only won the title by beating an injured champion and isn’t the biggest competitor WWE has ever had.

Despite the fact that Swagger gave Del Rio another Patriot Lock earlier on in the night, it was announced later on that Ziggler would defend his title at Extreme Rules against Swagger and Del Rio. Interesting to note that TEddy Long made this decision by going over Booker T’s head, and going by his reaction later on in the night it seems that Booker’s heel turn maybe on the cards.Something that would be welcome now that ‘Team Brickie’ seem to be neutral, if they actually mange to get on screen at all.

Nikki Bella def. Kaitlyn (Brie got the pin)

Seen as The Bella ‘Twins’ came back back to get that big pay bonus at Wrestlemania, but missed due to time constraints, I imagine they weren’t too happy. So put one of them into the title picture, and knowing WWE they’ll go with the one with bigger boobs. Brie may have got the pin but Niki got the ring-time. The commentators may laugh but Nikki’s boob job has ruined the only unique selling point The Bella’s had. It may help Nikki’s career but blatantly obvious which is which now.

John Cena, Ryback & The Shield Segment

Earlier on we saw Ryback explain his actions last week in a video package which was incredibly similar to the one TNA put together for Bully Ray to explain how he brought in the Aces & 8’s with all the clips from the past year. Although not as good as the TNA video package it was actually very convincing and i believed why Ryback would have a grudge against Cena.

Although it’s hard to see what exactly John Cena had done wrong to deserve an a ‘surprise’ attack from The Shield. I say ‘surprise’ because before The Shield were due to come out we accidentally saw a shot of them preparing a the top of the arena. It did serve a purpose though as we now know that Ryback isn’t just a ambitious competitor but a full blown heel.

WWE Raw Breakdown & Results – April 8, 2013

Big E Langston def. Daniel Bryan

Hopefully this is start of seeing more of Big E competing on Raw. As a monster heel it is always obvious that they are going to be undefeated for a while so the result was never in doubt. They went one further in this match as Bryan only got in one bit of offence with some kicks to demonstrate Langston’s dominance. Bryan saved some face though as he only lost after interference from Dolph Ziggler and AJ.

Wade Barrett def. The Miz for the Intercontinental Title

To most people watching this show probably didn’t even know that Barrett had even lost the title, given that their match at Wrestlemania was bumped down to the pre-show.

As well as the decent back and forth action between the two, I guess it does add to the unpredictability of the IC division as I would have betted everything I had that The Miz would we in before the match started.

Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter

Obviously this match was just a set-up for what was about to happen. Swagger spent the majority of the match working on Del Rio’s injured ankle. I don’t know whether this is the last chapter of this feud but it looks like Swagger mat have had the last laugh.

Dolph Ziggler def. Alberto Del Rio for WHC

The moment we had all being waiting for, Ziggler finally cashing in hi us Money in the Bank contract. It was a bit obvious that this was his moment as they focused on Del Rio’s leg injury just long enough for it to be plausible for Ziggler to get up and make his way to the ring.

Great to see them have Del Rio put up some resistance, just enough to make you think he could mess it up. Helps break up the predictability of someone beating an injured man when cashing in and defeating them with no effort at all.

Undertaker segment

Taker’ comes out to dedicate his victory over CM Punk to Paul Bearer. However, he is interrupted by The Shield who surround Undertaker. Luckily, Kane’s pyro goes off and Team Hell No come out to even the odds, and The Shield back off.

Interestingly, one of the commentators says that he’d like to see these six fight. I don’t know whether their serious but it would unusual and unexpected for Undertaker to have more than one match a year.

Santino Marella, R-Truth and Zack Ryder vs. 3MB

Poor 3MB, they can’t ever get a win over another team of jobbers that have been thrown together at random. It doesn’t make any sense because they are three very talented wrestlers that deserve better.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

This was the match in which the crowd became centre stage and the most entertaining thing on the show. Chants of Mike Chioda, RVD, ECW, JBL, Jerry and even Michael Cole made this one of the most enjoyable especially for die hard wrestling fans.

The match itself just seemed to be going through the motions and went on for far too long. To the the point I point the Big Show was ordered to go out just to end it all. He did so by attacking both participants, especially Orton. The whole segment felt like it was being made up as they went along with little direction.

Fandango def. Kofi Kingston

As the match gets started the fans start to resemble those at a Darts event. Raising their arms in the air and humming Fandango’s theme music.

About a minute into the match their is a massive pop as Jericho rushes to the ring to attack Fandango as revenge for his loss at Mania. He gives him the Walls of Jericho and the Codebreaker, leaving Fandango laying in the ring. As Roberts announces him as thge victor, he corrects him by pronouncing his name correctly. The crowd responds by humming his theme song again. Great scenes, lots of fun.

Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella’s def. Tons of Funk & The Funkadactyls

I was initially disappointed not to see Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes not get their opportunity to perform at Wrestlemania, they certainly deserved it. However, if this is what they planned they better off having their focus on more matches on Sunday.

Highlight of the match was hearing the fans continue humming Fandango’s theme music.

John Cena def. Mark Henry by Count Out

There’s some back and forth action before the fight goes outside the ring. Cena whips Henry into the ring post and he fails to get back in the ring before the ten count. We’ve seen Henry get out of far worse situations than this and makes him just seem weak. An abrupt finish that seemed rushed to make up for other segments that may have over-ran.

Luckily, this great episode of Raw didn’t end on a flat note, as Ryback comes out to save Cena from a beat down from Henry. He does so, but then turns on Cena by delivering a shellshock to the Champion. This is a much needed and plausible change of attitude from Ryback as he needs to be more aggressive and selfish to help him actually win the big matches for once.

Does The Rock really care about WWE?

Since leaving the WWE The Rock has appeared in, and been panned by critics in films such as The Tooth Fairy, Be Cool, The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain, Doom, the list goes on. Something needed to be done to help his faltering career. Hence a return to wrestling and his millions, and millions of fans seemed like the logical resolution.

It was after his return to WWE at Wrestlemania 27 that his acting took a turn for the better. He has had some success with The Other Guys, Fast Five and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The last two he has been rewarded with a role in the next movie in each respective franchise. It doesn’t stop there. He has also won the right to play the lucrative role of Hercules in a movie of the same name.

It’s for these reasons that his sudden return to WWE seems more like a PR exercise to win back the fans that he had during his original run in WWE. The very fans who were disgruntled when left the company shortly after his role in The Scorpion King. This in turn will hopefully help his acting career by encouraging them to go to see him in his next movie.

Furthermore, since he has the won the WWE Championship he has very rarely been seen with title on the red carpet. Only in Seoul, Korea has he been pictured with the belt. You would have have thought that had he not been contracted to appear on Raw that week, the least he could have done was to wear a bit of synthetic leather on his shoulder for even a couple of minutes while the paparazzi get their shots.

In one interview I saw him do recently, he responded to a interviewers question by saying “when I was wrestling’. A year ago this would have been okay as a part time wrestler, but now he is WWE Champion this just insulting to WWE and everyone who works for the company. This is the man who is supposed to be representing the company and his response suggested that he is too embarrassed to admit that he associated with WWE.

He has had no trouble in making the premieres of his solo projects, but when he was scheduled to appear on The Today Show to promote Wrestlemania 29, he mysteriously no-showed the event without good reason.

I’m not doubting that The Rock doesn’t enjoy being back in the ring. But the fact that he’s so obsessed with this cheesy idea of a ‘connection’ with the audience he has. Also, the fact he will only compete at PPV’s suggests to me that he views wrestling itself as a chore. Something that has to be do be rather than relishing the opportunity.

Wrestlemania 29 – My Predictions

While I will never fail to get as excited a kid every time Wrestlemania rolls around. Looking at the card I’m struggling to find a match that’s going to throw up any surprise victories.

John Cena def. The Rock

I didn’t really get excited by the prospect of these two facing each other the first time around as they make my blood boil for very different reasons. This time however, it’s blatantly obvious that Cena is going to win. There’s absolutely no way WWE is going to allow its biggest permanent asset to look weak by losing to 40 year old, part-timer, two years in a row.

The Undertaker def. CM Punk

For as long as Mark Calloway wants to continue wrestling his streak is safe. No-one is going to end it, no matter how much younger and on top of their game they are like CM Punk.

Punk even mentioned in an interview recently that he doesn’t think the streak should end. We all know that he likes to do what us best for business, it is unlikely he would have agreed to this match if he thought huge stood a chance of winning. Enhance his reputation and legacy, yes, but not win.

Triple H def. Brock Lesnar

Two things make me convinced that ‘The Grand’ will win this one. Firstly, he lost at Summerslam, so it’s likely he’ll be booked to avenge his loss and the broken arms he’s given him and his friend Shawn Michaels.

Secondly, I find it hard too believe that a man who keeps himself in such good condition would be able to stay away from thge squared circle for very long. So having him lose and then cone back would only cheapen thge stipulation of this match. It would be typical of WWE, but expected.

Alberto Del Rio def. Jack Swagger

Admittedly, this one could go either way. Which despite the undeserved disappointment some people have that this isn’t really Wrestlemania worthy, the unpredictability of it actually makes it one of the more eagerly anticipated matches in my eyes.

I still think they’ll go with a win for Del Rio. Solely based on WWE’s need for a big Mexican star now that Mysterio’s crocked and Sin Cara has been major disappointment. Having said that I do hope Swagger wins, I don’t agree with his views but I’m enjoying the presentation of his character, and I’m interested to see how it would develop.

Ryback def. Mark Henry

Ryback has gone on way too long a losing streak in major matches at PPV’s for them to allow him to lose another at the biggest event of them all. They spent too much time on him to start throwing it all away now.

Also, I hear there are rumours that Henry could be leaving WWE after this event.

The Shield def. Orton, Sheamus & Big Show

This prediction is more in hope I think. It would be waste of time not have The Shield win. I mean why build Orton, Sheamus & Big Show as a team? They’re not going to continue teaming, so have them do the job to the team that will. That’ll be the best way of getting The Shield over.

Also, it’s common knowledge that Orton wants to be a heel again, and with Big Show turning face, there’s an opening for him. I just sense a mix up in the match and defeat will finally push him over the edge.

Fandango def. Chris Jericho

Not many debuts end in defeat. Especially ones with so much build up and I don’t expect to change here. I don’t expect Fandango to win without there being some contentious issue though, just so Jericho can save face with the fans.

The main reason I think Fandango will win is because Jericho has expressed an interest in helping the younger talent develop and get over now he’s 42.

Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston def. Team Hell No

I believe Team Hell No has run its course. Fan interest seems to be dying down and Daniel Bryan has admitted that he is tired of playing a comedic role in TV.

Team Rhodes Scholars & Bella Twins def. Tons of Funk & Funkadactyls

This is probably the most unpredictable match on the card. However, despite being less talented than Naomi and Cameron, I don’t think The Bella’s came back to lose on the biggest pay say of the year.

WWE Raw Breakdown & Results – March 25, 2013

CM Punk & Undertaker segment

More of the same antagonistic displays from Punk that we saw last week. However, this week Undertaker showed up in the ring and in a break from tradition for this time of year, didn’t just stare him down, but actually attacked him. Punk managed to retain possession of the urn though.

Nice to see they are still paying tribute to Paul Bearer throiugh Undertaker’s uncharacteristic aggression towards Punk rather than mind games, highlight his importance too him still.

Chris Jericho def. Dolph Ziggler

Another good match given the small amount of time they were given, it would have been great to see this match at Mania but it’s too late for that. Special mention to the proper Walls of Jericho applied to Ziggler at the end with Jericho knee on the back of Ziggler’s head. Always makes it look like a devastating move, I would expect nothing less from the best seller in the business.

For some reason there were chants of ‘you can’t wrestle’ directed at Fandango, I can’t understand this for a second because I’ve seen Johnny Curtis in the ring before and he certainly can.

Later on in the show we find out that Jericho will face Fandango at Wrestlemania. He seems to have made a complete turn around from being close to having his gimmick dropped to debuting at Grandest Stage of the All and got to say i’m glad they’ve stuck with him.

Mark Henry def. The Uso’s

Presumably it was The Uso’s that were put on the end of this squash match due to Jimmy Uso’s recent arrest for DUI again. Couldn’t really be seen to release him as it would have hypocritical to not release Swagger as well. Despite that they did actually get some offence which was the only highlight in a predictable match.

Antonio Cesaro def. Alberto Del Rio via Count out

Rodriguez character hasn’t been written off TV as he still appeared to introduce hips friend. Good news for Del Rio, as you struggle to know if he was a face without the pop that Rodriguez can deliver.

Swagger then came out at the end inevitably attacked Rodriguez’s injured ankle. The best part of this match came just after this and it was watching Cesaro do several knee slides in celebration like a child at a disco.

Team Hell No def. Prime Time Players

Triple H segment

Hunter talks in his extra gravelly voice to let you know that he really means business. The problem with having Lesnar on a limited number of appearances deal is that there are weeks when he’s involved in a storyline where he inexplicably doesn’t show up and it’s difficult to progress with the story when one if them isn’t there. With that being the case this week all that happened was that HHH asked Lesnar to give everything he has at Wrestlemania. I think it’s safe to say huge would have done anyway.

As Triple H walked up the ramp, Barrett came out and HHH kicked him in his special area.

The Miz def. Wade Barrett

Ric Flair was backstage at this show, but had to be taken to hospital with a blood clot. I have no idea whether huge was due to be involved with this match but changes may have had to have been made. Not that you could tell as they had a pretty decent match.

The biggest relief about this match is that we didn’t have to sit through a promo for each of their respective movies yet again.

The Shield def. Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel and The Great Khali

I’m usually all for having more wrestling on the show but in this case it may have been more beneficial if The Shield had filmed another of their backstage promos. I don’t think any of us see The Shield as more of a team to be feared because they defeated a team of jobbers thrown together at the last minute.

Team Rhodes Scholars def. Tensai and Brodus Clay

A pretty forgettable match in Tensai and Clay had the upper hand until The Bella’s got involved, which caused the Funkadactyls to attack them which led to a distraction that allowed Rhodes to get the win.

After this match it was announced that there would be an 8-Man tag team match with Team Rhodes Scholars &The Bella’s taking on Brodus Clay, Tensai & The Funkadactyls.

Ryback def. 3MB

Exactly the same as the Mark Henry match.

The Rock & John Cena Q&A

Mick Finley, Booker T, Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart were brought out to ask questions to the Rock and Cena. Despite a few attempts by The Rock the tone was actually very serious as Cena revealed that this year huge has to win. Rock stated that last year he thought he could win, now he knows that this year that he can and will win again.

The segment inevitably ended in violence and unsurprisingly it was The Rock who got the upper hand by delivering a Rock Bottom to Cena. Bret Hart then gave the show 4/10.

WWE Raw Breakdown & Results – March 18

John Cena def. Darren Young

No surprises hear as Cena scored a quick victory over ‘Mr No Days Off’ The idea here supposedly here is that despite the comedy antics of PTP, Cena ius in no laughing mood and totally concentrated on defeating The Rock.

Last week they mercifully didn’t have Cena on so Rock didn’t look weak. I didn’t even notice until it was pointed out to me, which just goes to show his impact on me.

Ryback def. David Otunga

This was one of those rare occasions where we actually found something out from a squash match. In this case it was that even with a number one rated thriller movie David Otunga still can’t get a victory, let alone some offence in.

Apparently, Vince has Wrestlemania’s planned well in advance, but going by the sudden decision to pull Ryback out of the triple threat match and into another suggests that that is far from the case.

Fandango v The Great Khali

Sometimes I wonder whether WWE wants this gimmick to succeed. Paired with an inept wrestler like Khali and given a stupid name their definitely doing their best. Unfortunately for them, Johnny Curtis is making the character work.

To the point that they maybe putting more effort into gimmick with the new set on the ramp way and ‘Psycho Sid style’ pyro as he enters the ring. Maybe backstage they are starting to think that he will actually debut after all.

R-Truth def. Damien Sandow

I didn’t really see the point if this match to start with considering that neither of these two have anything going for them into Wrestlemania. So for them to have Sandow walk out half way through the match confounded the point of the contest.

Undertaker & CM Punk Promo

It seems that you either love or hate the fact that Paul Bearer’s death has been brought into the storyline. As far as CM Punk goes you can always rely on him to give a great promo, JR always says that talent should maximise their minutes and by juggling the urn when delivering his promo was a master class in villainous psychology.

Kane & Daniel Bryan def. Epico & Primo

A very simple victory as you would have expected. It’s great to see the ‘crazy chick’ side of AJ come out again as she tried to distract Bryan and Kane by skipping around the ring like she used to, however this time to no avail.

Despite this it’s strange that their suddenly dragging up these issues again with the love triangle from last year, but i suppose the idea that Kane and Daniel Bryan want revenge on her as they didn’t really get any closure on that debacle makes sense and adds a much needed dimension to the storyline.

Alberto Del Rio def. Cody Rhodes

I didn’t really think Del Rio’s face push was going all that well, I mean it’s a sad state of affairs when your ring announcer has more fans than you. But after Swagger put the Patriot Lock on Ricardo after the match and broke his ankle, it only spells more bad news as he’s probably going to have do without even him in the build up to Wrestlemania.

I don’t know whats happened to poor old Cody, this time last year he was not only IC Champion, but rejuvenating interest in the belt as a whole. Touted as a future WHC or WWE Champion by JR and many others, it looked like he had the world at his feet. Now he’s the brink of not even appearing at Wrestlemania, his best hope is that he’s going to play some supporting role in a Divas match, now that there’s something bubbling between The Bella’s and Kaitlyn.

Randy Orton & Sheamus def. 3MB

Looks like we could be on the verge of yet another face turn with Big Show. Whether he does or he doesn’t he needs to change something as he is so stale. I like to get behind all of the heels but even I’m struggling to summon the blind optimism to get behind the ‘Worlds Largest Athlete’

As good a team, and a roll they’ve been on as of late it’s still hard to see them being given the win over two of the company biggest faces in the form of Sheamus and Orton. However, the friction between them could be the reason they end up victorious. Especially, as an Orton heel turn has been on the cards for a while now, it would a great excuse to go ahead with it.

Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston

It’s a relief that they will actually having the Tag Team Titles defended at this years Wrestlemania now it was announced after the match that Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston will take Team Hell No at Wrestlemania. All too many times these belts have over looked on the grandest stage of them all and this year more than ever they deserve to be on the the card. I would have rather seen an established tag team get the shot but this a start.

Wade Barrett def. The Miz & Chris Jericho

Easily the best match of the night, but then again there wasn’t much competition for that honour. Lots of great back and forth action, although it did seem that at some pre-planned spots that they weren’t exactly subtle in that they were waiting for their opponent to catch up.

Hopefully this just the beginning and we’ll see these three lock-up one more time at Wrestlemania, as these three have the potential to put on an even better match I’m sure.

Triple H v Brock Lesnar Contract Signing

After all the hype and intrigue surrounding the stipulation for their match at Wrestlemania, this has to be one of the most underwhelming announcements ever. Basically, if Triple loses, he has to retire. This is a who is already semi-retired, self-imposed and fully retired on-screen. What does Triple H really have to lose here?

What makes even worse is that some of the stipulations Heyman teased beforehand, where better, albeit nonsensical, than the one we’ve ended up with. I’d have thought that Heyman would have wanted control over Raw or even better Triple H’s position as C.O.O. that would have had much more gravitas.